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Heena Sehrawat has the real estate world on the palm of her hands

Heena Sehrawat
Heena Sehrawat

Heena Sehrawat 30 Under 30

How do you triumph in the competitive real estate sector?

Heena Sehrawat hadn’t asked this question when she first entered the profession as an employee at a bigger firm. But soon she identified multiple gaps in its providence of services, and decided to launch her own initiative in the sector. Born and brought up in a quiet middle class household, Heena had nonetheless always dreamed of success beyond the ordinary persuasions of her age and surroundings. In her pursuit of this dream she studied engineering. An intelligent student, she built her vocational knowledge as technically competent and reliable advisor, and joined the world of real estate. But her ambition refused to let her be limited to an employee position. She wanted to revolutionize the industry, and so founded the eponymous The Heena Realty Makers.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Into the Real Estate World As an employee, Heena entered the world of real estate at the executive level. Although her work was lauded and appreciated, she felt that her position as an employee severely limited what she could accomplish from in the industry.

The drive to establish something unique and self sufficient had always been there in her. She wanted to honour her humble upbringing with professional success, as well as enrich the community with her contributions. Thus, she set out to develop her own initiative in the sector. Her aim was to consolidate the diverse services offered by real estate agents, and agencies, under a single umbrella. Make the process of investment in property, as well as its comprehensive redesign, a more accessible one.

Like most entrepreneurs, or really anyone attempting to build something new, her initial efforts were dotted with setbacks. But she persisted, and to their credit, so did many of her investors, who believed in her capabilities. Thus The Heena Realty Makers finally came to be in 2021.


Heena Sehrawat’s interest in real estate was piqued due to an uneasy exchange her family had with an agent, when she was a teenage. Duped by an unscrupulous businessman, Heena’s approach to her work has been one of integrity and loyalty. That, along with her obvious skill and detailed experience, has brought her quick and sustainable success in the very first year of her business.

The Heena Realty Makers is currently engaged in providing full fledged property solutions in the Delhi NCR region, but there are plans to expand the market beyond its current boundaries. Her work has been consistently recognised by various organizations since the beginning of her professional journey, having been Performer of the Year as far back as 2017. Recently, she has been featured amongst the 100 Most Influential Indians of 2022, as well as Global Women Inspiration of 2022.

She has also been engaged in philanthropic work through her NGO, and is diversifying her services into consultancy and training for aspiring real estate agents. Her dream is to completely transform the way work is conducted in the sector, and spread her mode of conduct across the nation, and eventually, the world. She is already expanding her geography of services to NRIs, and is looking to build her own international diaspora of influence in the coming years. Having survived through various obstacles, and found hard earned success, she is eager to share her learning with an eager new generation of aspiring realtors, who are sure to preach the gospel of the Heena way of doing business.

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