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Darshan Somaiya – A remarkable force and influence on the youth!

Darshan Somaiya
Darshan Somaiya

Darshan Somaiya 30 Under 30

(Young, accomplished and unstoppable)

How do you use the traditional knowledge of the Gita to sow success in the modern world?

Darshan Somaiya was bought up in a ordinary middle class family. The only difference perhaps was their deep spiritual inclination. In this regard, the greatest influence for Darshan was his mother. An intuitive person, she recognised the potential hidden in her child at a young age, and decided to foster it through spiritual training. The first thing she did was introduce him to the teachings of the Gita. Darshan imbibes the learnings; The Gita is a force behind everything that moves him.

By the age of 18, he had already read Gita, cover to cover, more than eight times. Whatever could be gleaned from it, was already in him. His perceptive mother then introduced him to the inspirational thinker and motivational writer Tony Robbins. And with that, Darshan was on his way to realising his potential, not only as an entrepreneur, but as an individual.

Becoming a Businessman

According to him, business wasn’t really something he planned.  He had begun his professional journey as a mentor, trainer, and coach, and identified various lacunae in its functional existence. His entry into the business world was thus an attempt to overcome the shortcomings that affected the industry of his choice.

He credits the combination of his spiritual upbringing and the knowledge of western rationalistic thought, via Tony Robbins as being the secret of his immense success.

Along with his services as a mentor, Darshan wanted to provide a holistic branding opportunity to his clients. A perceptive spiritualist, he was keenly aware of the need to strategize and build tailored public branding in order to foster both individual and corporate success.

He claims to provide two specific services as a mentor. The Science of Achievement, and the Art of Fulfilment. In his pursuit to teach the world these two skills, he has ended up creating three separate multi-millionaire companies, namely, Mission Positive World, Lead Monk Digital, and Guni Guru. They all share his singular goal of enlightening the world into a new era of awakening.


Darshan Somaiya has been hailed as India’s very own Tony Robbinson, which, as an ardent follower of the man, is a source of great pride for him. Currently, Darshan is the number one wealth mentor and high ticketing expert from India. He has written a book expounding on his ideas, which has become a bestseller through Amazon, and has been invited to speak on the TEDx platform. Numerous awards have recognised his contribution to mentoring businessmen into fostering a success-oriented mindset. He is also the CEO of Karnataka Women’s Achievement Awards.

But what he is instinctively most proud of is his coterie of over 500 certified coaches, and 300 trainers, who help spread his gospel across the world. He has addressed over 1.5 million people, and touched the lives of each and every individual in his audience.

He has big dreams for his country.  As India is a young nation, with more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 , waiting to be empowered, but being misguided in the name of socialism. He wants to build an army of over 10000 trainers and help every person in the country achieve their full potential.

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