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Yash Tyagi Extolls the Virtue of Perseverance in Entrepreneurship

Yash Tyagi
Yash Tyagi

Yash Tyagi 30 Under 30

How do you build a restaurant business from scratch?

Yash Tyagi knew very early on, what he wanted to accomplish in his life. A person with a single track mind, he wanted to have his business, and use it as an avenue to explore the world of possibilities and people.

According to him businesses shouldn’t just be profitable, but should also have a social impact on the world, leaving behind a net positive, outside of the monetary gains generated in its wake.

Determined to make his dreams come true, he knew that just hard work wouldn’t do. He would have to work smart in order to achieve a semblance of success in this world. He knew that the stories of overnight success that is usually peddled to the common people as truth, were highly exaggerated. No endeavour could be so easily set up as to triumph so easily. The struggle that accumulated behind those stories were not shared, as they wouldn’t make interesting headlines for the crowds.

Yash was ready for the difficult journey ahead, and so far, he has managed it with aplomb.

The Dreamer

Since his childhood yash wanted to follow his fathers footsteps in getting into the same line as his father. His first business venture was construction and contracting. He got into road construction and started working tirelessly. Like all maiden efforts, it had a humble beginning with a handful of employees, and a turnover that barely managed to break even by the end of the year.

Yash, however, refused to be discouraged and stuck with it through its difficult, struggling days. His boundless energy inspired his employees and co-workers, who likewise, refused to give up on the dream Yash had so passionately embarked upon.

Soon enough, the effort began to bear fruit, and the venture became increasingly profitable. The demand for work, meant that the number of employees also went up, as did the yearly turnover rate. But Yash, of course, wasn’t done yet.

With the confidence of his first success under his belt, he ventured into another one of his  dream business.He wanted to open a restaurant.


As an entrepreneur, more than his profit margins, Yash cared about the service he provided to his customer and the way he treated his employees and co workers. This has earned him a goodwill rarely seen among young business owners.

He is extremely attentive towards the needs of his customers. His service is aided by his intuition regarding customers’ needs. In terms of anticipating what the service needs to be like, he quotes Henry Ford, who had said, if I ask people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

So his work is more in translating the needs of the consumers into practical solutions, which he has done remarkably well.

Alongside these businesses, he has also started a school, which gives equal focus to the education curriculum, as to extra-curricular activities. He has also focused his efforts to provide educational privileges to children in minority groups, to try and alleviate their socio economic conditions.

Thus, Yash Tyagi, over the course of his work as an entrepreneur, has shown how perseverance and goodwill can be the pillars of success.

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