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Priyal Nema – No road is long… when dreams are big…and sky is the limit…

“Meet this young entrepreneur, who is on a mission to educate Indian youth financially”

A life portfolio offers a compelling alternative to traditional retirement. It is a new way of thinking and living in the extended middle age. A typical portfolio is a balanced mix of some work, ongoing learning, recreation, travel and avocations, reconnecting with family and friends, and giving back.

Meet Miss Priyal Nema, a very talented and hardworking girl hails from Madhya Pradesh. During her school days, she was very introverted and this led her to be more introspective and her inclination towards spirituality. She aspires to start her business and wants to become the top business woman of the country. From an early age she was interested in starting her own business. But as every middle class person faces the scarcity of funds, She too has the same problem and being a girl in society like ours is also another challenge for her. And for an introvert person like her these challenges are like the Alps which can’t be climbed. But she broke all barriers of her mind and started thinking about her future and how she can achieve her dreams.

In her early life, She developed keen interest in finance so she started reading more books about money management, finance, personal finance, stock market, investment etc, as her keen interest in finance she landed up being a certified equity analyst. She invested a small sum of money in the stock market and she got a good returns as well. But her aim was to start a company of her own. She has brilliant ideas but due to unavailability of funds she was not able to take up her idea in the market. But she doesn’t stop here, She started guiding youngsters related to business and finance. During this time under her ideal leadership as a digital entrepreneur, she has successfully collaborated with global companies to make a problem solving approach.

She was introduced to the digital business opportunities that changed her thinking and life completely. Firstly, she was skeptical about it but as she started learning about this she understood the potential of this industry and found that social media businesses can generate MILLIONS if used in a right way. She started working hard and in the span of six months she earned a handsome income from this industry. Under her ideal leadership, she is working with people from all over the world aiding her in expanding businesses internationally in countries like USA, Australia, Canada etc. She has dedicated herself to enhance the level of businesses and upgrade the lifestyle of people by sharing experiences, business aids, mentorship, and never ending leadership.

She has already mentored
500+ youngsters in starting their own online businesses. She believes that digital entrepreneurship can transform our country completely if we learn and apply the right skills.

In an interview with entrepreneurstoday, she says that, In today’s digital world having one source of income is horrible and close to none instead, for a ideal person 3-4 income sources is mandatory she further adds, that your digital presence and personal Branding is as important as your Aadhar card. We’re amazed by knowing her future plans, in future she is looking forward to start her NGO with her team, where she will be working on projects like waste management, rain water harvesting, organic farming, stress relieving retreats, social awareness and many more. Adding values in our society is more important for her.

From being a introvert to an extraordinary communicator her journey and growth is commendable. Priyal Nema is a successful digital entrepreneur today and she is guiding lot of people. If you too are entangled in your life and looking forward start your digital entrepreneurship journey and want to work on a new opportunity in this pandemic period. You can message Priyal Nema on her Instagram she will definitely help you in establishing your own online business.



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