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Pranav Adnani has Swiftly Risen to the top of the Digital Marketing World With his Agency Internest

Pranav Adnani
Pranav Adnani

Pranav Adnani  30 Under 30

How did Pranav break into the digital marketing scene successfully?

Pranav Adnani is a creative expert and go-getter. In spite of having a 35-year-old family business of plastic trading and real estate investments, which he was more than qualified to lead, he didn’t rest on his laurels.

Like a number of creative and ambitious individuals, Pranav was attracted to the world of digital marketing. After all, it is an ever-expanding and competitive industry where each day brings a new challenge. He joined the online advertising industry and gained enough experience to set out and establish his own firm.

As of today, he is the owner of Internest, an ad agency with composite digital solutions for their clients, which include some of the biggest corporations from varied industries in the country.

Background & Early Days

While pursuing his double major in Marketing and Management from Northeastern University, Boston, USA, Pranav started working as a Client Servicing Associate at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in 2014 as part of his college’s co-operative education program. In the course of that work, he discovered the world of digital marketing and swiftly developed an interest for it.

After completing his education in 2015, he returned to his hometown Mumbai, and decided to find a job in the advertising industry. Soon thereafter, he joined FoxyMoron, one of the country’s leading digital marketing agencies. His creative ideas and honest work ethic won him a lot of fanfare at his new workplace. He was assigned to work with high profile clients like Bisleri, Bajaj, Lenovo, Nickelodeon etc. and helped create successful digital campaigns for these brands.

However, at the back of his mind, he wanted to establish his own ad agency; and as time passed, he felt he was losing out on realising that dream. So in 2018, after a very productive stint at FoxyMoron, he decided to quit his job to pursue his own business.

His former workplace, and many of his acquaintances, were sceptical of this decision and advised him to wait a few more years to gather more experience. Pranav considered the advice, but felt that the proverbial wait would end up becoming forever, and took the plunge.

Pranav recalls and admits that there was a lull period after he quit his job, and he was not immediately swamped by offers. Neither did he set about establishing a business right off the bat. Instead he spread his net out to find freelance work; and after about 2 fallow months, he bagged his first client.

The Talwalkars India Group, which owned the largest chain of gyms and fitness centres across India, entrusted Pranav with one of their boutique gym’s digital advertising operations in Mumbai. Pranav founded his ad agency, assuming the name Internest, and was soon swamped by enough clients to scale his agency and establish a strong team. Impressed with his agency’s splendid work within a span of just 1 year, Talwalkars India assigned their national digital marketing mandate to Internest.


As stated before, the services provided by Internest are composite, meaning that they cater to any and every need pertaining to digital advertising. Social Media and Performance Marketing, Graphic Design, Web and App Development, Digital PR, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Production, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and everything in between falls under their purview.

This holistic approach, and the skill and success with which Pranav handles them, has quickly made Internest one of the top digital marketing agencies in India, competing with the best in the business. His list of clients boasts heavy weights like Provogue, SoundLogic, UrbanPiper along with Talwalkars India.

But the multitasking maverick hasn’t limited his work to that. He also handles a significant portion of his family business, and up until recently was a partner in a Tech start-up.

It’s fair to say that Pranav has, not just one, rather several feathers in his cap; carrying each of them with resounding success.

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