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“Understanding foreign language and other digital abilities is critical for today’s survival” says the founder of Way To Germany, Mrs. Mrunal Zalke Bhosale.

Mrunal Zalke BhosaleAfter spending an ample amount of time in her life teaching the German language, Mrs. Mrunal Zalke Bhosale finally decide to step up in her career which led her to establish her business, Way To Germany.

Way to Germany is notable for helping non-Germans learn German and for assisting students in obtaining employment by making them more competent in areas where knowledge of the German language is required. So far Mrs. Bhosale has trained more than 1000 students through Way to Germany. Their foremost objective is to constantly engage and explore new paths in order to deliver the finest linguistic experience in German, allowing students and stakeholders to obtain new opportunities around the world.

Mrs. Bhosale is B2 level German with 5+ years of experience in teaching along with her affiliate marketing career. This extraordinary, multitasking woman works tirelessly to help students and professionals to learn the German language.

Way To Germany is one of the well-established institutes ensuring students 100% commendation on German language skills. In case, any student fails to pass the examination, Mrs. Bhosale makes sure that the student gets free access to the classes until they finally learn the skills effectively.

In an exclusive conversation with her, we find out about her exceptional walk in the life. Read on to know Mrs. Bhosale’s whole story.

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PR: Mrs. Mrunal Zalke Bhosale, kindly brief yourself.

MZ: So Okay, let’s start from the start, so my name is Mrs. Mrunal Zalke Bhosale, and I am a 27-year-old German Language Expert, Teacher, and Affiliate Marketer. I was born and raised in Nagpur, Maharashtra, and currently, I am living in Kolhapur.

PR: What lesson did you learn in your twenties?

MZ: The lesson I learned was that being unique is crucial because attempting to be someone else might harm or destroy any unique gift or characteristic we possess. Being unique is not a disadvantage. It is crucial to be unique, to stand out, and ensure that you live your life doing what you enjoy the most. Doing what you love, be it art, literature, music, traveling, teaching anything. The bottom line is it should be something that you YOU, it should build your unique identity. Because art and passion are the key to happiness and a successful career. Be proud of your self, be proud on your authenticity, your creativity, and just who you are.

PR: What comes to mind when you consider beginning this business?

MZ: I worked as an Assistant Professor at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering in Nagpur for three years before getting married and relocating to Kolhapur to work at Sanjay Ghodawat University. During this time, I realize how critical it is to raise pupils’ understanding of foreign languages and digital abilities. So, one day, my husband and I were discussing, and he suggested, “Why don’t you create your own institute and train students yourself?” As a result, the idea occurred to me, and I decided to give it a shot.

So, in Kolhapur, I began my German Language Classes, dubbed WAY TO GERMANY, and believe me, it was the most difficult decision of my life. Because I had to leave my job to start my own business. But, thanks to my husband and mother-in-law, I can manage my German language training school and assist students in gaining admission to German universities.

PR: What is the USP(Unique Selling price) of your brand?

MZ: My brand works mainly for students. From teaching the German language to advising students on how to apply for German university admissions, everything is covered by us.

In addition, digital skill classes, such as digital marketing and content development, are also available. Assists students in becoming young entrepreneurs.

PR: So, Mrs. Bhosale please tell us about your professional accomplishments.

MZ: I have trained over 5000 students in the German language and computer skills.
I’ve given guest lectures on the importance of skill development at several engineering universities and consultancies. And you’ll learn how to start making passive income.

PR: What was the most inspiring moment of your journey?

MZ: The most energizing moment of my career was when I was named the top teacher in idea delivery. When my students reach milestones, it inspires me every day.

PR: What was the most difficult point of your life?

MZ: When my father retired and I was the only one working in the household, it was the most difficult time of my life.

PR: Mrs. Bhosale where do you see yourself in next seven years?

Well, you can never predict what’s there in your future. But if we talk about my plans for next seven years, so I wish to expand my business and raise awareness among youngsters about the value of foreign language and digital skills.

PR: What message would you like to convince to the audience?

MZ: I imagine myself in a position where I could educate a growing number of people. The message that the author wishes to portray is that by 2024, people will only be hired based on their extracurricular skills. As a result, the majority of schools and institutions have already begun to teach their students digital skills and foreign languages. So, my advice to young people is to start focusing on skill development.

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