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Neha Farheen – Never be who is treated as a choice. Be the person who is always in demand

Neha FarheenMeet Miss Neha Farheen, a very young and intelligent girl to learn from. She belongs to a very decent family from Aligarh Uttar Pradesh. She is a hardworking girl who aspires to achieve her dreams by working hard. She is just 20 years old and in this age she proved that a girl can do anything if she is determined and courageous. She is a single child to her parents and she is very thankful to her parents who supported her in every decision. Initially she prepared for Neet exam she devoted her 2 years for that. But due to uncontrollable circumstances she can’t fullfill her that dream. After that she appeared for AMU entrance exam and she scored very good there. Now she is persuing her bachelor’s degree from sociology. She never faced any financial problem but she wants to serve the society with her knowledge. So she thought of to start some part time work fron where she can follow her passion of helping people.

During the covid time she was scrolling through the social media there she found a post about affiliate marketing. She enrolled there only for fun because she was unaware about the business. She kept resisting about joining the business. But after sometime she studied and researched about the business. She consulted from many successful entrepreneurs. After having complete knowledge she started her business with the highest package. Her parents also supported her in the decision. She worked for 1 month but after that her exams were there so she kept aside for sometime. After sometime she started again with complete dedication and within 1 month she earned more than 50 thousand rupees from the business. What she achieved in a very short time is truly appreciable. She made her parents feel proud by achieving this success. Today she is mentoring more than 50 people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Now she is planning to expand her business and she wants to become a millionaire by the end of this year. She is gaining very important life experiences from this business which will definately help her in future. She loves to help needy people. She worked with AMU-NSS NATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICE SCHEME to help tge needy people’s.

But what she achieved is not very easy. She faced many problems when she started. There were many instances where she feel demotivated but she kept herself strong and keep working hard until she achieved her goal.

NEHA FARHEEN– She shares that your limitations is only your thoughts that you need to kill; when it raise, you need to look for a rainbow and when it’s dark you need to look for stars.

In the same way; for succes you should be looking for opportunity and not on any pretext, if you can do it, the perfection can do something big in your life. She also believes that it is very important to start working from early age to gain important life experiences. They will give us an edge over others. She believes it is important to do some social work which will help in our nation building. Neha is truly an inspiration for all the young girls who wants to do something in life.

Neha Farheen is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding a lot of people. If you too are entangled in your life, how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. You can message Neha Farheen on her Instagram.

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