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Harsh Goel – The hard days are what make you stronger.

Adventures were always an important part of my life.... They gave me the courage to overcome my fears, develop my self-confidence, and continue to grow by testing my limits and often pushing them.

Harsh Goel
Harsh Goel

Meet Mr Harsh Goel, a very intelligent and hardworking person. He has an amazing personality. He hails from New Delhi. His age is just 19 but what he achieved at such a young age is very remarkable. He is doing his graduation from Delhi University. He dreamt of becoming the top entrepreneur of the country. But as every middle class family faces money problems the same goes with him. He has a family business of wholesale products but he was not interested in that. But he firmly believes that if he wants to live his dream life he has to do his own business.

He loves to educate people about financial freedom and how to start their own business. He also launched his course to educate young people. He did very well there but wanted to upscale his business. So he started learning about it. After Covid-19 he decided to start his own business. He started searching for some business with less investment. Then one day he came across an affiliate marketing platform. Though he did not know about the business, he decided to start this business. Firstly he studied and researched about the business. After that he decided to start. He wanted to fulfill his dreams and give his family financial freedom. When he came to know about the potential of this business his all doubts got cleared. And now it is time to work hard and fulfill dreams. He did the same, he worked very hard and in just 3 months time he earned a six figure income. He earned more than 12 lakh rupees from digital marketing business in just 1 year. He made his parents feel proud by achieving huge success. And now he is working even more hard to fulfill his dreams.

Harsh GoelHe helped more than 1000 people to start their online business with the help of his social media. He is personally mentoring more than 150 people by guiding them and giving training to them. So that they can also achieve their dreams by starting their own business. Harsh aspires to become the top business person of the country. Today he is mentoring thousands of people. He wants to have a solid team of more than 20k persons. He helps youngsters and people who are new to the business by sharing his own experiences and knowledge which he accumulated. He is helping thousands of youngsters to achieve their dreams.

Harsh shares that it is very important to have multiple income sources. If we depend on a single source of income in this extraordinary time then we will be in big trouble. And grab every opportunity which you have rather than doing nothing.

Harsh Goel is a successful digital entrepreneur today and 35is guiding approximately thousands of people. If you too are entangled in your life, how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. You can message Harsh Goel on his Instagram.



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