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Disha Bhattacharya – The journey of a middle-class girl from a regular job to starting her own business.

The first step towards transforming your life is to decide what you want from life. Unless you know where you want to reach, you will never arrive at your destination.

Introducing Disha Bhattacharya, a girl with big ambition, dedication, a dynamic personality, and very generous by nature. She basically belongs to dooars region of North Bengal and currently staying in Kolkata.
She aspires to continue being successful in her present online business and also wants to be a figure of inspiration to many people who want to be self-made. She was fond of freedom and wanted to do something of her own.But as the story of every middle-class person, she faced many challenges both financially and mentally.

She was the first one in her family to take this bold decision to proceed with business. Her aim was Independence, to live and work on her own terms and conditions.

She thought of starting her own business but the mental barrier held her back every time. After her college, she worked in a company but later realised she was not enjoying the nature of the work she was doing. She started her own online garment business where she used to collect goods from wholesalers and distributed them to her online customer base using courier services.

As a beginner, she generated very good profit in her online business too but suddenly due to the pandemic, her business came to a standstill.She was intrigued by the idea of earning money online. “I was so fascinated by the youtube ads that popped on my screen regarding online Earning,” she said. She researched and came across the Digital Marketing industry and started exploring it. One fine day she decided to, start her business in digital marketing, and from that day on she never looked back.

In a very short span of time, she generated more than 5lakh income and proved that there is no limitation to what an individual can do if one decides to.She faced many challenges but never doubted herself. Defeating all odds, she survived and shown as a star.

Currently, she is mentoring more than 2000 people who need guidance regarding how to start a business, build confidence, and much more. In the next few months, she is planning to automate her business completely and restart her online clothing business.

She says, the Indian Society is somewhat biased towards women who think of doing business. Her success is an example that women can be equally good as men when it comes to business.

Disha also faced many challenges as her father’s health deteriorated a few months back, during the lockdown, when she had just begun her digital marketing business, however, she managed her business and her family very effectively and proved that if you have a dream, you should give it a chance to happen.

She believes in charity too, like donating books and food to needy children. Disha Bhattacharya is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding students, youth, housewives, and employees.If you too are entangled in your life, how to find and work on a new opportunity or create a full-time/partime source of income You can message her on her Instagram.




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