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Abhishek Kumar – Started from a village and expanded to Metro’s.

Simplicity requires a two-step process. First, we must invest time and energy to discover what stirs us as human beings, what makes our hearts sing, and what brings us joy. Then, we must proceed to create a life that reflects the unique people we truly are. This is the heart and soul of simplicity.

Meet Mr. Abhishek Kumar Sahu, a very knowledgeable person to learn from. He is very ambitious and hardworking. He is studying management in Ranchi University. He belongs to a very rural area in Jharkhand but currently he is working in Ranchi.

He had big dreams since childhood but was unable to take action to fulfill them due to the poor financial condition of family. But he decided to achieve his dreams and give his parents a decent life. As he was in college one day he was scrolling through his social media and suddenly he found affiliate marketing business people who were changing their life by this business. Firstly he was nervous but then he started studying more about it and understood its potential.

Then he decided to start his business but initially there were many challenges like rejection and shortage of funds but he managed to solve all the problems. And in a time of just 4 months he earned a six figure income. Right now his total evaluation is more than 4 lakhs. Currently he is mentoring more than 500 people and he made them capable of earning six figure income. He likes to help people who need it the most. He supports children by donating books and other helpful material.

One important journey Mr Kumar shared with us. Before starting digital marketing business he was about to become a food delivery person because of the urgency of money. But he got a better opportunity.

He believes that in today’s world computers and social media are new teachers to achieve our dreams.

Abhishek Kumar is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding approximately thousands of people. If you too are entangled in your life, how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. You can message Abhishek Kumar on his Instagram.

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