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Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd: Transforming Education through Experiential Travel and Global Exposure.

Neeraj Yadav & Pranav Chobhe, the Duo is on a mission to transform the lives of young minds through uniquely crafted educational programs. 

Educational tourism plays a vital role in shaping individuals’ personal and professional development. It goes beyond traditional classroom learning and provides a hands-on, immersive experience that enhances knowledge, skills, and global perspectives. 

Pranav Chobhe and Neeraj Yadav embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, driven by a shared mission to transform young minds & create a positive impact through global exposure. Entrepreneurs Today had the privilege of connecting with these visionary individuals to delve deeper into their transformative story.

Pranav Chobhe’s path crossed with Neeraj Yadav, the co-founder of Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd, who shared a similar passion for educational tourism. Together, they established the company to provide immersive experiences for students and build networks with international organizations and Foreign Universities to offer educational programs to Indian students.

Neeraj Yadav, who hails from a small town in Varanasi District & Pranav Chobhe from Pune, both come from a humble family background, started this venture with just a laptop, a desk and no financial backing, have come a long way in the last 5 years building a multi-crore organization. 

About Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd

Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd (VEPL) specializes in organizing Global & Domestic Immersion programs, Academic workshops with Foreign Universities, Summer & Winer schools, Exchange programs, and study abroad programs for Undergraduate & Postgraduate students of Management, Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Science, Commerce & Law. VEPL also offers Transformational learning programs in Singapore for students of the age group 13-18 yrs. These Immersion programs are designed for a duration of 5 days to 15 days taking into consideration the academic background and intend to give Global exposure through industry & University visits & International certificates. Vijigishu has established strong partnerships with Universities in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and UAE to facilitate the academic programs. Through these partnerships, students participate in academic workshops, visit industries, and have the opportunity to interact with startup founders and international organizations like the United Nations, UNESCO, and the European Parliament. These immersive experiences aim to broaden students’ perspectives and expose them to new technologies and future trends.

Through a strong network of partner institutes in India, over 5000+ students annually travel with Vijigishu Education Pvt. Ltd to various destinations across the Globe and within India to participate in their programs.

In addition to organizing international programs for students, Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd also assists Indian Universities and institutes in collaborating with Foreign Universities. This creates a platform for Indian institutes to undertake joint research programs, faculty exchange & many academic partnerships which play an important role in the Internationalization of Indian institutes. 

Furthermore, the company extends its services to corporates, faculty members, and directors of institutions through a program called “The Leadership Walk”. This program is conducted in the laps of the Himalayas which combines leadership and spirituality, inviting prominent leaders from the corporate industry to conduct sessions that promote self-reflection and personal growth. 


The inspiration behind starting this venture stemmed from Pranav Chobhe’s personal travel experiences when he got an opportunity to visit Australia in 2014. “It was my first International trip which completely changed my mindset, the tall buildings in the Central Business District, posh offices, disciplined lifestyle, and technological advancements made me realize the opportunities in the Global market,” said Pranav. Later he got an opportunity to attend an experiential learning program in Singapore, both of these opportunities made him realize the value of such experiences and the potential impact they could have on students’ lives which made led him to the company’s vision of transforming lives & creating a positive impact. 

About the Founders

Pranav Chobhe is a 30-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd, who holds a postgraduate degree in International Business.  

His entrepreneurial journey began during his second year of college when he started his first venture while pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Management. 

Neeraj Yadav, who holds a master’s degree in computer management, comes with 10+ years of corporate experience. The two teamed up to establish their company in 2018 and their shared experience proved to be a valuable source of learning and growth.

Coming from a family background with no business connections, both of them aspired to do something different and found their passion in Education Tourism. Initially, Pranav worked as a trainer for a company conducting science-based workshops in schools, which closed its operations due to financial problems. He took the initiative to revive the company and single-handedly restored it to its former glory. This led him to start his venture with Neeraj, who served as a business head for years in his previous job. His extensive experience proved helpful in starting their venture.

Over the course of years, both of them have traveled extensively all over the world which shaped their mindset and expanded their horizons. The result of this exposure to varied cultures, businesses, people & processes has cemented their vision of transforming lives through travel.

What sets them apart?

Vijigishu Education Pvt. Ltd. is a bootstrap company engaged in educational tourism and services. They offer a one-of-its-kind learning and travel experience to students through their keen understanding and careful design of programs that are aligned with the curriculum and practical skills needed in the global market today. They have a board of advisors which constitute of industry experts, academicians, and corporate leaders, the inputs of which help in program design. 

They have 50+ associations with top foreign universities and multinational organizations, along with special access to government organizations like the UN, European Parliament, UNESCO, and various technology parks & innovation centers across the globe.

Partnerships with institutions

Their vision led them to establish partnerships with 70+ institutes across India. They have worked with several renowned brands and institutions, including MIT-WPU, Symbiosis, BMCC, BNCA College, RIIM Pune, DES Mumbai, IMM Delhi, ITS Delhi, SMT. KL Tiwari college of Architecture, BMS School of Architecture, Christ University, DY Patil, New Delhi Institute of Management, ICFAI Business School, Nirma University, and many others.

The Rise

In terms of milestones and achievements, the founders consider the initial success of gaining & retaining the trust of Education Institutes. Covid -19 had greatly impacted the bookings, however, the company managed to refund 100% of the booking amounts without charging any service/cancellation fees. This had a great impact on future bookings, the company’s revenue grew 4 times in 2022-23. 

Building strong relations with the institutes through dedicated efforts in upskilling the programs and maintaining transparency makes Vijigishu Education Pvt. Ltd a trusted brand in India. 

Future Plans

Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd has ambitious plans to expand its reach and offerings. They aim to target more institutes and schools within India & abroad, while also venturing into new destinations such as South Korea & Saudi Arabia. These destinations will offer customized programs for students, enabling them to explore different cultures and gain international exposure. The company is also planning to open study centers promoting Pathways programs (1 year in India + 1 year in Germany) in Big Data Business Analytics, Industry 4.0 & Management which will open job prospects for Indian students in Germany. 

Additionally, they have plans to start their operations in the UAE and collaborate with educational institutes, Universities, and international schools to offer Immersion programs for students studying in UAE. 

Lessons learned

The key lesson Pranav learned is the importance of being patient and staying true to your vision. Neeraj realized the importance of self-belief and dedication. He emphasized the need to persevere and keep moving forward, regardless of setbacks or failures.

Working towards long-term goals and swearing by focused hard work is the key to marching on the path of success. 

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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