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Subrajit Paul – Journey from a small town to a successful Entrepreneur

Subrajit Paul

Subrajit Paul is a digital entrepreneur who belongs to a small village in Silchar, Assam. He did his schooling from JNV, Cachar and now he is a last-year mathematics student. He has been fond of doing business since childhood but due to lack of opportunity, he could not do anything but where he saw an opportunity he would not leave. He did his first business in 5th class which was sticker selling. He used to sell up to ₹ 50 with a sticker of ₹ 5 in his school, this was his first profitable business. When he was in the second year of college, he got a business opportunity from his junior, then he entered Entrepreneurs World. He worked hard, built a great team but unfortunately it didn’t work well within 10 months the team got collapsed, as he had no accurate information and strategy, this business was shut down soon due to Lockdown.

His father is a normal shopkeeper and there was always tension in the house about money, but he wanted to get his family out of these troublesome lives, then he got information about Affiliate marketing business in lockdown which he learned and started doing. Due to which he started getting income soon and in a very short interval of time, he made his name in the Affiliate Marketing to the top and today he has trained more than 25000 people.

Subrajit Paul felt that in today’s time there are many people whose life is like his life, so he decided that he should help those who are living a poor and stressful life without opportunity and then he decided to help more people so that all the needy people can start their online business journey with him. Today his vision become reality. Now Subrajit Paul has a mission that by the coming 2022, he will give personal mentorship to 10000 people.

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  1. Congratulations Dear ❤ You deserved more and more ❤
    More power to you ❤
    Sooo proud ❤

  2. Subrajit sir,
    You are hardworker business man, you’re success secret is you’re hardwork & pesence. I saw your hall of fame interview with paras saxena sir there you told that before bizgurukul joined you lost your thousand of rupees in funny platformes😂, but now bizgurukul is othentic
    We are also inspire to you 🎉🎉
    Thankyou a lot of
    And congratulation 🎉🎉🎉 bro

  3. Kindly ask him what kind of business he did and earned bhai . Moreover did he mentioned his company name anywhere. Just to attract people he do guys . Don’t get trap with this kind of business . Huge money will go waste guy . Ask him wat is the company name ….

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