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Meet Rohit Mahadev Undage – An efficient and visionary personality

Public: 11/05/2021 | Time 07:30 PM IST | Views: 345051

Rohit Mahadev Undage is just 27 years old and he is a Mechanical Engineer as well as a passionate writer. His articles have been published in “Kolhapur Vishesh Mumbai” and “Link Marathi”. He belongs to a middle class family. He is originally from Kolhapur district of Maharashtra but currently lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat due to his job. He is working in a reputed multinational company. He work 10 hours a day in company. He travel for 2 hours and he is a bachelor so he has to do all the work after returning home.

He has always had a tendency to learn new things and increase his own knowledge through them. Of course while doing the job, time management is very challenging for him but the joy for them is that the new skills that he is learning add to his knowledge. Today, his initiative has inspired a lot of people, including employees, housewife, students and professionals and they are also making a good money.

After Corona, many people in India lost their jobs and the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. So while working, his goal is to create multiple sources of income for himself without relying on just one source of income and also help others for the same. Rohit has experienced a lot has changed since Corona, and one of the best is digitalization. People should know this opportunity and take full advantage of it for themselves.

Rohit said each and every human being must find a way to self-education for themselves without relying on just one degree. There is not enough financial knowledge in our education system and specially youth should take the initiative because financial knowledge and financial stability is very important in our life. God has given all of us a beautiful life. His goal is to use his life to the fullest and fulfil own and parent’s dreams and help more people to achieve their dreams & make them self dependent.

If you want to know how Rohit can manage job, his writing passion and his business at the same time and how he done more work with his time management strategies, then know about Rohit and understand his working style and make yourself more productive too.

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  1. Hi,
    Here want to put my comment for Mr. Rohit Undage.. Personally I felt , by nature he is silent but you can always felt his word through his initiative, action and the way he used to implement the same. He shown that you can speak through your knowledge, action, personality also.

    As he worked in my past company I observed that he is very focused towards his life goal, ready to take challenges, desciplined for managing time . I never seen him wondering or douobting mode.

    Really proud of him to say that he is the best example for those people who are depending on only one type of opportunity in the market in this time, not finding the earning resource except their current profile and thinking as they left or lost their job now they won’t be having other earning source but Rohit proved and given the example that we can still use this time as an opportunity if we will work out on our learnings, increasing our knowledge, implementing the same to perform new task or intiatives by coming out ftom our comfort zone and can also find the earning resources in different fields at a time and can become a great smart achiever and performer.

    He did set the great example of being a fire, great motivator, Dream achiever in this pandemic situvation as well.

  2. Congratulations Rohit Sir.. You deserve it and many more to come.. My all time inspiration.. Thank you sir for always motivating me💐

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