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Some Of The Best Marketing Campaigns in History

In the vast expanse of social media feeds that captivate our attention for hours on end, there are occasional ad campaigns that possess an undeniable creative flair. These campaigns have the power to captivate, enchant, and resonate with viewers in unique ways. Whether they are infused with quirkiness, interactivity, humor, wit, or emotional depth, these exceptional campaigns manage to transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. 

Here is a list of campaigns that represent the epitome of social media’s power to captivate and inspire.

The WWF:

The WWF (#lastselfie) campaign on Snapchat stands as a notable exemplar of effective social media marketing. World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a renowned global environmental organization dedicated to safeguarding endangered species and preserving natural habitats, ingeniously employed Snapchat’s distinctive disappearing photo and video sharing feature to raise awareness.

The campaign utilized Snapchat’s unique disappearing photo and video sharing feature to create awareness about endangered animals. It involved sharing images of various endangered species with a powerful message: “Don’t let this be my #lastselfie.” The images were designed to mimic the appearance of a Snapchat selfie, with a caption that highlighted the number of remaining individuals of that species.

What Makes the Campaign Interesting: There are several aspects of the WWF #lastselfie campaign that make it truly interesting. Firstly, the campaign successfully tapped into the popularity of Snapchat, a platform known for its ephemeral content, to convey a sense of urgency. By using Snapchat’s disappearing feature, WWF created a powerful metaphor for the potential disappearance of these endangered species.

Moreover, the campaign effectively leveraged the element of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that is inherent to Snapchat. By framing the campaign as a “last selfie,” it compelled users to take action and spread the message before it vanished. This created a sense of urgency and engagement among the target audience, encouraging them to share the campaign with their friends and followers.

The use of visually appealing and shareable content was another strength of this campaign. The images mimicking Snapchat selfies were eye-catching and relatable, capturing the attention of Snapchat users and encouraging them to share the message with their networks. By incorporating the actual number of remaining individuals of each species in the captions, WWF effectively communicated the urgency and dire situation facing these animals.


Halara’s size-inclusive campaign has captivated audiences by featuring models of diverse body shapes and sizes, delivering a refreshing and empowering message. The campaign is size-inclusive, showcasing “models” of all shapes and sizes, allowing viewers to see how the clothing fits on different bodies and learn about aspects of the products that reviewers like most (i.e., built-in shorts, pockets, etc.). 

What sets this campaign apart is its extensive presence across multiple social media platforms. The brand made its initial impact on TikTok, where an increasing number of users and influencers embraced Halara’s products, generating substantial interest. Regular people, rather than traditional models, take center stage, creating an atmosphere of approachability and connection. The informal and conversational nature of the campaign adds to its appeal, while the genuine evaluations from everyday individuals lend credibility and trustworthiness to the brand.

While the campaign’s origins may not be definitively traced to TikTok, its prominence on the platform has undoubtedly bolstered its success. Halara’s astute decision to showcase models that reflect their target audience resonates deeply, presenting a smart and effective marketing strategy for clothing brands. By featuring individuals who more accurately represent the customer base, Halara has struck a chord with consumers, propelling their campaign to new heights of relevance and impact.


In 2018, L’Oreal orchestrated a captivating social media campaign that left a lasting impression. The beauty giant made a strategic acquisition by bringing ModiFace, a prominent player in augmented reality, under its wing. This calculated move enabled L’Oreal to unlock a world of possibilities, offering customers an extraordinary immersive experience like never before. Leveraging this technology, L’Oreal introduced try-on mirrors in their physical stores and augmented reality options across various social media platforms. These innovative features empower users to virtually test and visualize products in real-time, providing an unprecedented level of convenience and confidence before making a purchase. 

L’Oreal’s foresight in incorporating augmented reality into their marketing strategy has undoubtedly revolutionized the way customers engage with their brand, cementing their position as a pioneer in the beauty industry.


The StarbucksUK marketing campaign titled #WhatsYourName stands out as an exceptional example of effective social media engagement. In a groundbreaking partnership with Mermaids, an organization championing transgender, gender-diverse, and gender rights causes, Starbucks embraced a powerful message of inclusivity.

The campaign revolved around Starbucks’ commitment to honoring customers’ preferred names, a significant gesture that reflected respect for individual identity. Notably, Starbucks went a step further by printing customers’ chosen names on the side of their cups. The campaign’s success can be attributed to its simplicity, clarity, and the value it added to the trans and straight communities alike.

The impactful hashtag, #WhatsYourName, resonated strongly, generating widespread interest and participation. Through this campaign, Starbucks became a beacon of acceptance, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting inclusivity. The engagement on social media was impressive, with over 65,000 views and approximately 1,000 comments pouring in, signifying the campaign’s impact on the online community.

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Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
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