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Navigating Success and Shaping the Future of Consulting with Technopak

Arvind Singhal, an MBA graduate from the University of California with a background in engineering, is the chairman of Technopak Advisors, a prominent management consulting firm established in 1992. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Singhal’s career trajectory includes senior roles in notable companies such as DCM Group and VXL India Ltd. 

Under his leadership, Technopak has evolved into one of India’s top five management consultancy firms, offering strategic guidance to leading Indian and international companies across various sectors including retail, healthcare, and hospitality. 

Singhal is widely recognized as an expert in the textile, retail, and healthcare sectors and frequently speaks at conferences and prestigious institutions worldwide. Additionally, he is a prolific author, contributing to publications such as Business Standard, Hindustan Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Committed to philanthropy, Singhal actively engages in societal improvement initiatives alongside his spouse.

About Technopak

Technopak is a distinguished Indian management consulting firm with over 30 years of expertise in the Indian sub-continent. Specializing in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, and services sectors, Technopak operates on the principle of “concept to commissioning,” assisting clients in identifying maximum-value opportunities, addressing key challenges, and building robust and high-growth business models.

With a team of over 75 professionals, Technopak offers strategic advisory services, customized solutions, and implementation guidance across three key divisions: Consulting, Skilling, and Marketing Partnerships. Their Consulting division encompasses a wide range of practices, including Retail, Consumer Products & E-tailing, Fashion (Textiles & Apparel), Food Services, Food & Agriculture, Beauty & Wellbeing, Skilling, Travel Retail, Private Equity, and Sustainability.

Reflecting on the journey

Arvind Singhal has instilled a culture of action within the consultancy firm from its inception. Setting themselves apart from other consulting firms, Singhal emphasizes implementation as a key distinguishing factor and integral part of their business strategy. Unlike many major consultancies that solely provide strategic advice, Technopak goes the extra mile by not only offering strategic and operational guidance but also actively implementing it. Whether it’s assisting in the setup of retail stores or improving quality measures in textile industries, Technopak ensures comprehensive support throughout the process.

Reflecting on the journey of building Technopak, Singhal acknowledges the challenges typical to any business endeavor, such as clarifying the value of consultancy services to clients and attracting top talent to the firm. However, he finds excitement in the constant need for skill enhancement and intellectual growth, noting that the learning process never ceases. Singhal’s dedication to continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to implementation have been fundamental to Technopak’s success over the years.

The key To success

Despite his success, Singhal acknowledges moments where he experimented with different approaches, such as building a robust second and third-tier management structure, which initially backfired but was later rectified.

Singhal also comments on the burgeoning entrepreneurship landscape in India, attributing its growth to factors like increased access to finance and information. However, he highlights the intense competition within the Indian market, driven by its large population and youthful demographic.

When asked if he ever considered returning to a conventional job, Singhal firmly rejects the idea, citing the unparalleled satisfaction and control that comes with entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the responsibility entrepreneurs bear for their decisions, as any misstep affects not just themselves but their entire team.

Singhal considers Technopak’s ability to compete with longstanding industry giants as one of his most significant achievements. Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, Singhal outlines his numerical growth aspirations and long-term vision of positioning Technopak among the top consulting firms globally by 2030.

Offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Singhal stresses the importance of pursuing one’s passion and conducting thorough market research. He emphasizes the need for businesses to generate profits from the outset, underlining the fundamental objective of any enterprise.

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Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
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