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Neha Janpandit – Always aspired to do something more and my passion.

I’m primarily a television actress who has performed in TV shows as a leading lady/central character on prime television channels over a decade now. I have also graced many brand hoardings and been a face of brand commercials.

I always aspired to do something more and my passion diverted to skincare and beauty. Our company Healthcare Medical Centre founded Instapeels.com a year back. Being from science background and having in-depth knowledge of skincare, we thought of bringing the most advanced of skincare in India from South Korea. Also being an actress I knew what works in skincare and beauty that added to my advantage. Glycolic acid is one of the most used,effective skincare agent in a ‘PEEL’ form which doctors use extensively. We wanted to bring a Peel product in India which can be used at home thereby saving Time,Money and Energy and enable people to repair their skin rather than just applying topical creams /Serums etc.

Instapeel is the Only brand that follows USFDA guidelines of a safe Home peel and is also approved by Govt.Of India.
I run the content and creative aspects on @instapeelsoffical

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