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Namrata Thakur – Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”

“If you find that you have very little time to engage in creating your own destiny, or self-development, or for spending with your family and friends, or for dedicating a portion to help others in need, then you may wish to revisit your priorities in

Introducing Miss Namrata Thakur to all our viewers. A girl with big ambition and full dedication. Very dynamic personality and very generous nature. She belongs to Jaipur. Namrata is just 20 years old and achieved great success in life and pursuing her Chartered Accountant. Namrata aspires to become the top business woman of our country. But as the story of every middle class person faced many challenges both financially and mentally. Namrata told us that her mother is her superhero and faced a lot. Being a single parent child it is very difficult to break all mental barriers but her mother helped her in every decision. She thought to help her mother by doing some part time work and earn some pocket money for her expenses. Namrata used to teach school children but due to her studies she had to leave that.

She wants to be an independent girl. Wanted to help her mother in every aspect thinks of starting her business but due to lack of finance and mental barriers she can’t start. But as every person thinks of earning money in college time to support herself she thinks too. But there was not something solid which would provide her regular income.

And one fine day Namrata decided to start her business in digital marketing and from that day she never looked back. In a very short span of time she earned six figure income and made her mother proud. Earned more than 2.3 lakh in just 2 months. Initially when she started it lot’s of ups and downs were there. Namrata was in self-doubt too whether would do it or not. But defeating all odds namrata survived and shine like a star in this field.

Currently Namrata is mentoring more than 200 people who need guidance regarding how to start business, build confidence and much more. In the next few years she is planning to make more business out of this business and wants to help millions of people.

There was a very difficult time in her life when she was not financially stable but  took that challenge and overcame it. Namrata says it is our mind which creates challenges if we understand our mind properly there are no challenges. Namrata said that if we try then we will fail and if we fail then we will learn but if we don’t try we are just a big zero.

Today she is making her mother feel proud by helping hundreds of people. She says her first responsibility is to train her affiliates like her so that they can also fulfill their dreams. Namrata gifted a diamond ring to her mother from her hard earned money.

Namrata Thakur is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding a lot of people. If you too are entangled in your life, how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. You can message Namrata Thakur on her Instagram.

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