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Harshita Shaw – The hard days are what make you stronger.

Harshita Shaw

Meet Miss Harshita Shaw. A very ambitious girl hails from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. She is very young and intelligent person. She is pursuing her studies at MP University. She is an intelligent student and did her post-graduation. She belongs to a very decent and moral family. But the financial condition was not decent and she faced all the problems which every middle-class person faces. But she knew from the beginning that if we want to achieve big we have to think big. To achieve dreams we have to destroy all negative thoughts which became heavy on us.

She was doing her studies and when she turned 17 suddenly she thought of doing a job to help her family. At that time her family condition was not decent and the health of her father was also deteriorated. So she started working to help her family. She worked in various companies like Airtel and Vodafone as an MIS coordinator. She firmly believes that if you want to achieve your goals then the first step is to start. Because if you don’t start you are not able to understand your positive and negative of that thing. You will come to know your potential only when you start.

She was interested in business because she worked with many business people. She was motivated by financial freedom and a good lifestyle. She started finding something in which little investment is required. One day she was scrolling her social media and there she found a post about the digital marketing business. In the beginning, she was not sure about it. She research a bit about this business. And after becoming confident she decided to start her own business.

She decided to help people who don’t have enough resources to fulfill and achieve their dreams. She says if we utilize our resources properly only then we can achieve our dreams. She consistently learned new skills and with her hard work and fire to learn she earned a handsome six-figure income within 9 months. And till today she earned more good income from the business. She is mentoring a large number of people. She made her family feel proud by achieving this success in very little time.

She is a very social person and believes to help people by educating and empowering them with her knowledge. She also loves doing charity and helping needy children. She also loves to teach needy children in her free time. She also helps them with resources like books or food. She is an example of hard work and dedication.

She also faced problems when she started her business but she stood and faced every problem with her strong mindset. She proved to herself that if we think positively we can do everything.

She believes that self-education is the most important and required thing a person can do to help his country.

Harshita Shaw is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding a lot of people. If you too are entangled in your life how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. You can message Harshita Shaw on her Instagram.



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