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From Dreams to Reality: Ankita Singh’s Rise as a Fashion Maven and Creative Entrepreneur

“One should never be embarrassed about struggling. There is absolutely no shame in working hard to reach your desired destination. Challenges and struggles are an integral part of the journey.”

Ankita believes that challenges and struggles serve as intrinsic elements within the realm of entrepreneurship and the overall journey toward success. Entrepreneurs Today recently had the opportunity to interview Ankita Singh, delving into her unique journey as a content creator.

Getting to know Ankita

Ankita Singh is a dynamic content creator who has emerged as a prominent figure in the fashion and beauty industry. Hailing from an Army background, her journey traversed various corners of India, eventually leading her to complete her education in Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application. Despite being surrounded by a family unrelated to the fashion industry, her passion for the field led to her current path.

Five years ago, an enticing job offer brought her to Pune. It was during this time that she established her presence on social media, launching the influential platform known as ‘Be that diva.’ Little did she know that this step would prove to be life-altering.

Ankita’s content primarily revolves around fashion and beauty, resonating with her audience on multiple platforms. Through her creative endeavors, she has successfully collaborated with over 350 renowned brands, securing features in prestigious magazines and newspapers. 

Humble beginnings

Intrigued by the trajectory of Ankita’s journey, we delved deeper into her motivations and sought to understand the inspiration that propelled her toward her chosen path. She revealed,

“I have always been captivated by the fashion world since my childhood. Despite my family’s desire for me to pursue engineering in college, I have consistently been a rebel. This trait is one that I take pride in because, regardless of my educational and professional choices, I ultimately found myself following my true passion. Deep within my heart, I knew that this was my destined path.”

Ankita’s journey began five years ago when she seized a promising job opportunity in Pune. It was during this pivotal moment in her life that she initiated her social media venture and started curating compelling content on various fashion ensembles using clothes from her wardrobe.

Staying relatable

Ankita’s uniqueness lies not only in her creation of captivating fashion and beauty content but also in her commitment to fostering a genuine and healthy connection with her audience. Beyond the surface-level content, she goes the extra mile by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses and real-life lessons that have the power to inspire others.

Ankita’s approach is grounded in simplicity, allowing her audience to easily relate to her experiences and messages. Her account, aptly named ‘Be that diva,’ holds a significant meaning. Contrary to the conventional perception of a diva as someone adorned in an elegant red gown, Ankita’s aim is to redefine the concept. She strives to convey that every individual possesses their unique diva qualities, and self-love should be embraced as it is, without conforming to societal expectations.

A day in Ankita’s life

Ankita’s typical day is a well-orchestrated balance between being in front of the camera and spending long hours working on her laptop. She places great importance on planning her day in advance, ensuring a productive and fulfilling schedule.

Ankita’s day starts with striking a conscious balance between work, her health, and her personal life. This involves dedicating time to fitness activities, enjoying a nutritious breakfast, and tending to her well-being before diving into work. With her to-do list in hand, carefully organized by priority, Ankita begins tackling her tasks.

Mornings are typically reserved for meetings, allowing her to efficiently address important matters. Additionally, she allocates a specific time slot for social media engagement, not merely to follow trends, but to gain insights into her audience’s desires and preferences. 

Preparation is vital for Ankita, as she prepares herself for the camera. With makeup applied, she proceeds with her scheduled shoots, capturing the captivating visuals that contribute to her online presence. Amidst the hustle, Ankita finds solace in a tea break with her husband, a cherished interlude to calm her mind.

Navigating hurdles

“When I began my journey as a content creator, the concept of content creation as a profession was not as widely recognized. It was a time when few could fathom that this field could evolve into a sustainable and viable career choice.”

However, as social media platforms grew in popularity, people began to recognize content creation as a viable full-time profession. Meanwhile, Ankita faced the challenge of juggling her job at a company doing night shifts while also pursuing her passion. For four years, she tirelessly balanced her professional responsibilities with her creative pursuits. However, she eventually reached a turning point where she made the brave decision to resign from her secure and well-paid job, dedicating herself entirely to her blog.

Leaving behind the comfort and stability of her previous job was a daunting step. Ankita understood that she would have to work harder and face uncertainties. Questions about financial stability, the possibility of failure, and the fear of things not working out lingered in her mind. However, Ankita firmly believed that sometimes playing it safe isn’t an option. Taking risks and embracing new challenges was the path she chose to follow. She recognized that the fear of failure should always be outweighed by the fear of regret.

Achievements so far

Ankita has achieved several notable milestones throughout her journey as a content creator. Last year, she was honored with the prestigious title of “Best Fashion Influencer” by the esteemed Lokmat Group, a renowned media organization in Maharashtra. She shares,

“I was not expecting to receive this award, so when they called out my name, tears welled up in my eyes. I can’t quite put into words the overwhelming feeling that surged through me. It was a moment that gave me literal goosebumps. As I held the award in my hands, it felt as if I were holding the entire world in that very moment.”

In addition to her visual presence, Ankita has been invited as a panelist on numerous occasions, contributing her insights and expertise to various discussions. Her work has gained widespread recognition, with her presence gracing hoardings and posters across India, representing prominent brands. Her influence extends to the pages of magazines and newspapers, where her work has been featured. 

However, Ankita measures the success of her business not solely based on external accolades, but rather on the support of her audience. 

“When I am out and someone approaches me, saying, “Hey, hi! I follow you on Instagram, and I really love your content,” it brings an indescribable sense of joy. When your audience loves you, trusts you, and is satisfied, that is the true treasure and measure of success.”

Plans moving forward

In her future plans, Ankita aims to give back to the industry that has provided her with so much by supporting Indian designers and small businesses. She has initiated a series called “Swadeshi” where she showcases and highlights Indian labels, whether they are small-scale or medium-scale enterprises, discussing their unique selling points and what sets them apart. Ankita wants to use her platform to contribute to the growth and recognition of Indian talents.

Moreover, Ankita aspires to be more than just an influencer admired for her youth and beauty. She desires to be liked and appreciated by people for who she is as a person, as she believes that genuine connections built on personality and values endure regardless of age.

Additionally, Ankita envisions starting her own fashion-related venture—an all-in-one destination catering to various fashion needs.

Note from Ankita to everyone:

“Dream as much as possible, even if it feels unrealistic to you. Because when you dream, you are more likely to work hard to achieve it. However, stay consistent and work hard every day in order to reach the place where you want to be.”


Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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