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Shan Moondra Unveils Misskurti’s Journey and Vision: From Humble Beginnings to Empowering Resellers Nationwide

“The inspiration behind starting my own business stems from witnessing my parents’ dedication to the women’s fashion manufacturing industry for the past decade.”

In a candid conversation with Entrepreneurs Today, Shan Moondra talks about what inspired him to begin his entrepreneurial journey. 

But what fueled this inspiration?

Shan explains that it was his firsthand observation of the demanding schedules and long hours that are common in traditional Indian businesses that fueled his inspiration. Witnessing the need for a more organized and structured approach, Shan was motivated to create something of his own with a different work culture and a relentless work ethic.

Starting out early

Shan Moondra, the innovative mind behind Misskurti, launched the brand at the tender age of 19. With a vision in mind, Shan embarked on this entrepreneurial journey three to four years ago. What began as a humble Instagram page has now flourished into a thriving presence across 16 to 17 online platforms. 

Misskurti stands as a prominent name in women’s ethnic fashion, specializing in kurtis. Leveraging the power of popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, Shan’s brand reaches a wide audience. In addition, Misskurti actively engages in B2B interactions, fostering partnerships with small retailers, wholesalers, and traders.

What Shan aimed to do with his company was break away from the age-old conventions of running a business. He expresses,

“I aimed to introduce a corporate culture, transforming it from a self-employed setup to a proper business entity. Understanding the intricacies of the industry, I dedicated myself to developing Misskurti into a selling hub that embodies the essence of a well-organized and corporate business.”

Misskurti’s specialization

Misskurti specializes in offering a diverse range of ethnic fashion, catering to various moods and occasions. With a revamped brand strategy, Misskurti is now targeting a specific customer segment: females aged 16 to 26. With a track record of serving over 300,000 customers in a span of just 3.5 years, the brand consistently delivers a seamless experience characterized by exceptional quality, impeccable designs, and competitive pricing. Shan further adds, 

“We have various other platforms where we cater to different customer segments, not only within the 16–26 age range but also those aged 26 and above, seeking ethnic attire. Being involved in the manufacturing segment, we have extensive experience in white labeling for numerous other brands.” 

This allows them to understand and deliver the highest quality products while offering them at a more affordable price compared to other brands in the market.

Sailing through troubled waters

As a young entrepreneur, Shan Moondra faced several challenges on his journey. One significant hurdle was overcoming skepticism and proving his capability as a businessman. To tackle this, he immersed himself in acquiring a deep knowledge of the industry, encompassing areas such as manufacturing, marketing, operations, taxation, and accounting. This entailed a tremendous amount of effort and hard work, as he shouldered significant responsibilities at a young age.

Another common challenge Shan encountered was the allure of a typical college lifestyle and social activities. While his peers were engaged in studies and leisure, Shan had to resist the temptation and stay focused on his entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Adding value and creating impact

They recently launched Misskurti Resellers, a new channel that brings together people from all over the country. This platform provides resellers with exclusive fashion products, comprehensive product photos, and access to Misskurti’s entire range of offerings. Resellers have the opportunity to market these products under their own name, and upon making a sale, they pay Misskurti, who then dispatches the products under the reseller’s name. The primary objective of this channel is to empower entrepreneurs nationwide by offering them a platform to expand their businesses.

The inspiration behind starting this channel stems from Shan’s observation of the challenges women face in gaining recognition as businesswomen within Indian society. Having witnessed his mother’s journey in business, he recognized the difficulties she encountered in earning the respect and acknowledgment she deserved. 

Shan contends that in Indian culture, there is often a tendency to view women engaging in business as pursuing hobbies rather than serious ventures. Shan aims to challenge this perception and believes that women resellers who consistently sell products for profit should be recognized as business owners, rather than having their efforts dismissed as mere hobbies or side activities. Shan further reveals, 

“Since its launch just two weeks ago, Misskurti Resellers has already garnered an impressive response, attracting 350+ resellers from across the country. Shan Moondra’s future plans for this network are ambitious, with a goal of expanding it to include over 5,000 resellers within a quarter.”

Recognizing that successful reselling requires more than just access to products, Misskurti is committed to supporting the growth and development of its resellers. As part of this initiative, they will offer training sessions to resellers, focusing on strategies for scaling their businesses and creating an effective organization. Understanding that not all resellers may have access to computer software training, Misskurti will provide practical guidance using simple tools such as pens and paper.

The aim of these training sessions is to equip resellers with the necessary skills to efficiently manage their businesses, including analyzing profit charts and running operations more effectively.

Sharing values

Shan Moondra has learned several valuable lessons on his entrepreneurial journey. One significant lesson he emphasizes is the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Shan recognizes that growth and progress occur when individuals push beyond familiar boundaries and embrace new challenges. He values and appreciates those who demonstrate exceptional dedication and venture outside their comfort zones. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take action toward their goals without delay, emphasizing that there is no better time to start than the present.

Coming up next

Shan’s future plans revolve around expanding Misskurti’s presence internationally through Misskurti Exports. With a successful track record and recognition domestically, Shan aims to introduce the rich tapestry of ethnic fashion for women in India to clients around the world. By combining traditional craftsmanship with a global appeal, Misskurti Exports seeks to make a lasting impact on the global fashion landscape. 

In addition to international expansion, Shan envisions Misskurti B2B as a key component of the brand’s growth strategy. Misskurti B2B will focus on establishing strong partnerships with retailers and wholesalers across the country, ensuring wider accessibility to Misskurti’s remarkable product line. By understanding and meeting the specific needs of these stakeholders, Shan aims to solidify Misskurti’s position within the industry while nurturing long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual success.

Rapid-fire round with Shan Moondra

We engaged in a rapid-fire round with Shan, and here’s a glimpse:

Q: When you think of the word “successful,” who’s the first person who comes to mind and why?

Shan: “When I think of the word successful, the first person who comes to my mind is Mr. Ratan Tata. His extremely humble nature and journey are remarkable. He is the definition of a true Indian industrialist.”

Q: What is something you believe that other people think is insane?

Shan: “I believe in the power of manifestation. Not by any method or some weird ritual, but I totally believe that if you really want something with pure intentions and passion, the universe conspires to help you achieve that.”

Q: What is your favorite documentary or movie?

Shan: “One of my favorite movies is The Godfather, it’s an all-time classic.”

Q: What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a TED talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

Shan: “If given a chance, I believe I can speak on the topic ‘Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics: The P’s that make Power’.”

Q: Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

Shan: “There are several quotes I really like, but one of them really stands out. It’s kind of witty and goes, ‘Motivation is like acidity. It creates a burning sensation in the stomach for a while, but then you fart it out and it’s all gone. Motivation is temporary; self-development, skills, and discipline are permanent.'”

Q: What is one book you would advise everyone to read?

Shan: “I would personally advise people to read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It is an amazing book to read.”


Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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