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Entrepreneurs Today in conversation with Shreya Sharma, Founder- Rest The Case

Getting the right legal advice is important as it helps you know your rights and gives you a better chance for a positive outcome. Rest The Case is here to solve all your fears, misconceptions & myths about lawyers and getting a legal advice. With Rest The Case you don’t have to stand in a long que and consult a lawyer. It’s just a click away to make all your legal information and services easily accessible.

How did you give a thought of starting RTC? Any story behind its name.

While studying law in the UK at Cardiff, I saw how much online presence law had and how easy it was to find a lawyer online. This struck me and first gave me the idea to start a platform where one can easily find lawyers online. Right after the pandemic hit the need for a platform to quickly find a lawyer online grew multifold with everyone stuck at home and lots of legal troubles arising as a result of the lockdown. This is how Rest The Case was born in July 2020. As far as the name is concerned, whenever a lawyer is done presenting their case in front of the court, they say ‘I Rest My Case’, the idea behind the name it is that anyone who comes to the platform with any kind of legal trouble can end their legal troubles and rest their case, hence Rest The Case.

What & how RTC is solving the problems through its platform.

As mentioned above, one of the major problems Rest The Case aims at solving is helping people find verified lawyers near them. Apart from this one of Rest The Case’s most important aim is to provide access to law to everyone. One way in which we are doing this is by having a robust, up-to-date Knowledge Bank which has articles that simplify laws, legal tips, and daily news updates. Not just this but we also have document templates which people can use to create legal drafts and documents.

What all challenges you faced while establishing RTC.

One of the biggest challenges we faced when setting up the organization was building trust in people’s minds. When it comes to legal matters, people are as it is skeptical. To top that off we are an online platform. So, building that trust in people’s minds regarding using our platform to find lawyers who can help them was one of our biggest challenges.

What is the revenue model of RTC.

We work on a subscription-based model and charge a subscription fee from Lawyers.

What are RTC Expansion plan.

We are currently working on integrating AI based tools on the platform which will make it even easier to find a lawyer. Additionally, we are also working on bringing in mediation facility on the website.

Any message for the people who are scared of using and taking any legal advice or action.

Often time’s people believe that going to a lawyer means filing a court case and they would have to go to the court to fight a case for years on end. However, seeking legal help can simply mean taking consultation from a lawyer and knowing your rights and what options you have. What steps to take ahead is entirely up to you. I would like to tell people to speak with a lawyer even before there is an issue and understand your options, to prevent any issue saving money and time, instead of looking for a lawyer after a problem occurs.

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