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Divyanshu Jain: A Young Entrepreneur’s Inspiring Journey

Meet the 23-Year-Old Finance Content Creator and Entrepreneur Who Transformed Setbacks into Success, Inspiring Millions with a Unique Blend of Financial Wisdom and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Divyanshu Jain
Image: Divyanshu Jain

Divyanshu Jain, a 23-year-old Finance content creator has 450,000+ followers and over 200 million views on Instagram. Unlike other social media creators, he started his entrepreneurial journey at such a young age. Also, he believes in diversifying his portfolio, so he founded Upskill School with his Co-Founder Manveer Chhabda, where they educate and inspire their followers to become financially independent. Plus, he recently Founded Moopers Clothing with his Co-Founder Pratham Solanki, where Fashion meets affordability, and with this initiative, they are focusing on delivering the best quality Genz style clothes and trendy fashion collections to the Indian youth that are budget-friendly.

His commitment to delivering value and prioritizing financial wisdom sets him apart from other creators. As a successful finance content creator, he has faced many challenges in his journey because finance as a niche is very boring. Still, he cracked the code to make people understand the finance jargon in a funny and informative way. Not only this he is a true entrepreneur who believes in taking risks to get a result. He recently started Moopers a clothing business which is opposite to his past journey but he challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone.

For the past 3 years, he has been making content on various topics like How to Start Investing, Budgeting hacks, Insurance guidance, How to save tax, Exposing financial scams in India, Business case studies, and many more. Also, he has worked and collaborated with India’s leading Fin-tech brands and startups like CRED, MastersUnion, GROWW, and Upstox. Not only this he has worked with some of the big companies like ICICI Bank, Amazon Minitv, HDFC Life, and many more.

Divyanshu’s achievements are not limited to his Instagram page. He has crossed the benchmark of 1 Crore+ views on a reel related to Investing in BoAT Company, which went viral and was shared by the co-founder and Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta with almost 3 lakh+ likes. He has also built a community of learners on his Instagram page and is followed by industry experts like Neha Nagar who has 1.5 Million+ followers and Prafull Billore founder of MBA Chaiwala.

Divyanshu shared his mantra of success with us: He says, starts by envisioning a DREAM with a DATE attached to it and makes it a GOAL. The GOAL should be converted into STAGES to make it a PLAN. Make that PLAN become REALITY with the help of your ACTIONS. Hence proving; that DREAM = REALITY.

The most difficult and inspiring time in Divyanshu’s journey has to be the time when he lost almost RS. 50,000 by trading in the stock market. He felt demotivated and was stuck in the dilemma of depression and self-doubt.

However, Divyanshu’s learning mindset never made him give up on his journey. While he was pursuing his graduation he started working as a freelancer and did part-time sales jobs to make an income out of it and eventually started investing in good fundamental courses and consuming quality content on the stock market. Later, he started his content journey and did an MBA from Canada and now he is back in India to focus on his entrepreneurial journey.

His never-give-up attitude and high ambitions set an example for others to follow their gut and come out of their comfort zones by trying something different. There is literally no doubt that his dedication and determination have brought him to this level at such an early stage of his life. His way of motivating himself is imbibed in his mind which is “Having a tag of Introvert and Useless kid, if I can do it anyone can do it.” –Divyanshu Jain.

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