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Amishi Jain – The Part Time Student.

Amishi Jain is an 18 year old entrepreneur who started a Sushi Delivery Business in Pune, named Let’s Roll. She is currently an undergraduate student at Babson College in Boston and is majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Amishi identified the lack of vegetarian sushi options in her city, more so during the lockdown, and decided to utilize her knack of cooking to find potential in this area of the food market.

Amishi started operating from her home kitchen and opened with a brief menu with just 3-4 options of sushi, as a way to use her time productively throughout the months she deferred her university admission. Today the Let’s Roll Menu has over 14 sushi options, sushi cakes and desserts! Handled majorly by the 18 year old and her 3 employees, Let’s Roll seems to have transitioned into a more permanent factor in her life with a large customer base and sales crossing $15,000 and in less than 7 months of operations. What started off as an experiment is now a path the young entrepreneur considers to pursue after her graduation.  

“Business has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can recall.  I vividly remember listening to my father and grandfather passionately discuss their company and the impact economic changes were having on it. Big words like ‘investment’, ‘business cycle’, ‘market value’ puzzled my childish but intrigued mind.” 

Amishi’s business-oriented family soon had her involved in most of their discussions and asked her opinion before making decisions at their organization. This exposure not only triggered a love for the subject of entrepreneurship but also yielded great results in school; topping her class in the Business Studies CIE final exam (2018), the IB Business Management Final exam (2020) and being awarded the Dean’s List Certificate for Academic Excellence at Babson College (2021).  

Honing and executing one of the vital qualities of an entrepreneur- innovative- Amishi is the pioneer and starter of Sushi Cakes in Pune. She has not only introduced the idea of it to the wide spectrum of customers but has also lured several competitors into the market. Eventually, she started to add a variety of desserts such as brownies, cheesecakes and cookies, flourishing in a whole new section of the market. 

It is unlikely for an 18 year old to find time when juggling between the IB curriculum, SAT classes, career counselling and social life. “The pandemic is/was a bane for most, but a boon for me.” says Amishi. She found the time to discover her talent in cooking and the scope to commence her own venture. Amishi is now looking at employing more staff and moving into a cloud kitchen as she plans for Let’s Roll’s smooth functioning during her absence upon returning to Boston for her education. 

“Entrepreneurship inspires me due to its numerous opportunities, possibilities for success and space for creative thinking.” 

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