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Aman Raj Gupta – The journey of the founder of The Thin Elephant Ventures

Aman Raj GuptaAman Raj Gupta, I am the founder of THE THIN ELEPHANT Ventures. I started it in June of 2018 as a food and lifestyle blogging label and over the year after working and deeply understanding the need of the market, I have converted it into a B2B Service Ecosystem for Cloud Kitchen and Restaurant to help them to run their business freely.
I did my majors in History at the University of Delhi and I have also cleared the foundation level examination of Company Secretary. I was offered admission to one of the public universities of Germany this year, but I choose to focus my time on my startup. Currency I am also working on developing other revolutionary D2C Lifestyle Brands.

How did you enter this field?

We started The Thin Elephant initially with an aim to provide honest reviews and feedback of restaurants and small businesses, It was also driven by the curiosity to try new things and love for food. It was in 2020, it took the shape of what it is when I started working closely with the resultants and understood their problems in maintaining the operations.

What strikes in your mind to start this business?

From early school days, I was always curious about how things work and how they can be made more efficient. This curiosity motivated me to learn about different business models in the market. Being from a family with generations of great businessmen, This too was a driving factor to think to start with my own business.

Specific service of your business.

a) B2B with cloud kitchen, Restaurant, and Small business (Inventory management, etc)
b) One D2C wing to be launched
c) content creation ( @thethinelephant ) (Digital Marketing and Public Relations)

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Your state of mind before starting the business.

My state of mind before starting this venture was just to explore. I never cared about the fact that it might not succeed or what would other people think. while doing it, I just thought that I will enjoy the process and learn from it. if it makes me happy then it does not have to make sense to others.

What are your achievements in your field or business?

I have collaborated with more than 100 different brands for more than 250 different products and 85 different restaurants. I have Represented The Thin Elephant Blogs as a media partner for major events of Delhi NCR. I am the only blogger to work with a company like Monster Energy in India, that too twice
I was the youngest panelist in the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management Delhi (NIFTEM) to give a lecture about microblogging
I have been the speaker for Delhi Governments Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) twice.
I currently work as a business coach for Delhi Governments’ businesses Blaster Initiative.
Recently The Thin Elephant Venture won 6 startup awards at Aeonian 2021.
I have also been judged to B- Plan completion at national levels

The most difficult and inspiring time in your journey.

The most difficult part of my journey like any other startup was to bring like-minded people on board and to generate the first lead. This can be traced back to 2019 when we received our first client for Public Relations. The most inspiring of all the experiences was to be recognized by the government of Delhi and NIFTEM.

How will you see your company after 5-10 years?

After 5-10 years I would like to see my company employing thousands of people and giving opportunities to young enthusiastic individuals like me to grow together and help me to represent Indian businesses at a global level, by directly or indirectly changing the lives of millions in a better way.

Any message you like to convey to the country.

Go with the flow and never stop to HUSTLE!

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