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The Three Dots of ‘dmodot’

Dmodot is the name of the brand. It is pronounced d-m-o dot. The dots are people. Me and you. Us.

There are three dots at the beginning of the brand. They are likewise represented in the logo of the brand. The two hollows of d and o. And a black dot to represent the dot at the end.

The history of the dots is dotted with the experience of multiple cities. But it begins in Agra. The hometown of the main dot.

Abhishek Sharma was used to buying shoes from the outskirts of the city. The leather provided by the shoemakers were good. The craftmanship was genuine. And for a product of such genuine quality it was quite cheap.

So he was shocked when he moved to Pune and found the exorbitant costs of premium leather shoes. Abhishek continued to source his shoes from Agra. Some of his friends also joined in.

And thus the dots were connected into the outlier of infinity they consider it to be.

Dmodot was initially christened Demariino. Meaning fashionable Italian man. But then the three dots settled on the latter nomenclature. The name was changed in 2018.

Abhishek Sharma was joined by his friends Pranav Sawhney and Suhail Dhaul in this business venture

Abhishek Sharma was joined by his friends Pranav Sawhney and Suhail Dhaul in forming dmodot. Their collective enthusiasm for the business in general and shoes in particular is quite evident. The trio source their shoes through local artisans of Agra and shoecase it over the internet and a studio in New Delhi. However they design the shoes with a twist allowing it an artistic uniqueness. In their blog they indeed reference its artistic culpabilities. Drawn on pen and paper and given later life. An image to an object.

The names of their shoes are drawn from European language. This lends the company a strange post national feel. This has been a tendency in many current Indian start ups. To highlight both the aspects of our cultural influence.

Products produced by the dialectic of materials. Names produced by the dialectic of language.

This ambivalent yet ambitious approach has brought significant notice towards the brand.

Added to that is a touch of individuality. Dmodot attaches a hand written note to every purchase meant as a gift.

And the range of shoes are myriad. From classics like oxfords and brogues the collection ranges to slippers and sandals. The leather is full grain and comfort is a priority for the brand.

Thus there is an intersection of visions. Shoes that are suitably stylish and comfortable. Shoes that are representative of the ground they stand on. By being made by local shoemakers. But shoes that also exceed that boundary by being of a different world and language.

The history of the age of start ups would be a fascinating study. And dmodot is looking to occupy a significant portion of that discussion.

Now we wait for the future with every further dot…

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