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Shaira Kansal’s Journey to Bridging the Gap in India’s Blue-Collar Job Market

“Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality. Stay committed to your goals, and you’ll be well on your way to success.”

Here are Shaira Kansal’s insights on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. During a candid conversation, we had the opportunity to discuss her journey and gain a better understanding of her experiences so far.

Meet Shaira Kansal, a Chandigarh native who has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Growing up, she drew inspiration from her father Dr Deepak Kansal who founded and managed XEAM Ventures. XEAM Ventures is a CMMI level 3 company that actively collaborates with both the Centre and State Government in the implementation of various E-Governance projects. These projects encompass significant initiatives such as the digitization of Driving Licenses, Passports, property records, and providing resources to the Airport Authority of India at 91 airports nationwide.

Furthermore, XEAM Ventures also works closely with Indian Customs, facilitating the processing of export and import documents at 192 locations. Over time, XEAM Ventures has grown exponentially, expanding its presence to over 200 locations in India and abroad. With a dedicated team of more than 200 experts, the company currently employs a remarkable workforce of 20,000 individuals.

The achievements and success of XEAM Ventures serve as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership of Dr. Deepak Kansal. Shaira, being exposed to her father’s work, has witnessed firsthand the impact that dedication, strategic management, and innovative approaches can have on a business.

Shaira’s educational journey has been marked by a strong focus on both technical and business knowledge. She earned her undergraduate degree in computer science from PEC University of Technology, equipping her with a solid foundation in the field. Following her studies, she embarked on a practical learning experience by working alongside her father, gaining valuable insights into diverse business operations.

Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive business education, Shaira decided to pursue her MBA from the prestigious Indian School of Business. This decision showcased her drive to expand her skill set and broaden her understanding of management principles.
By combining her technical background with a business education, Shaira has developed a unique skill set that allows her to navigate the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship effectively.

She is the proud owner of an NGO, Ek Support Foundation and sets an admirable example of someone who actively works towards making a difference in society. Through her NGO, she works towards upliftment of underprivileged children by providing them better education. Her dedication and leadership in establishing and running an NGO highlight her passion for social causes and her commitment to creating a positive impact. 

In addition to her professional endeavors, Shaira has showcased her remarkable talent as an athlete. With her exceptional skills in archery, she has amassed an impressive collection of medals, including a prestigious international gold medal. Her dedication, discipline, and relentless training have propelled her to achieve remarkable success in the sport. Shaira’s accomplishments in the realm of athletics highlight her multifaceted abilities and her drive to excel in various aspects of her life.

What sets Kaam India apart?

 With an initial investment of approximately Rs 40,000, Shaira’s startup has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into a million-dollar company that has revolutionized the industry with its innovative solutions.

Kaam India, the brainchild of Shaira, aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities in the blue-collar industry. Recognizing the ease with which white-collar professionals can build resumes and apply for jobs, Kaam India seeks to extend the same convenience and accessibility to the blue-collar sector, ensuring that job opportunities are readily available for this crucial workforce.

What sets Kaam India apart from other job portals is its user-friendly and interactive interface, specifically designed for blue-collar workers. The platform integrates with WhatsApp, simplifying the registration process and allowing workers to create profiles and search for jobs.

To accommodate the diverse linguistic landscape of India, Kaam India offers multilingual support, facilitating smoother communication between workers and employers across the country. Moreover, Kaam India utilizes a sophisticated matching algorithm that connects workers with relevant job opportunities based on their skills. This efficient system saves workers valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to manually search for jobs.

Through its innovative approach, Kaam India has transformed the way blue-collar workers access job opportunities, bringing convenience, efficiency, and empowerment to this important sector of the workforce. 

Overcoming challenges

As a young female entrepreneur in a predominantly male-dominated industry, Shaira encountered unique challenges in establishing her credibility and earning the trust of her target audience. The blue-collar workforce, often characterized by limited education and familiarity with technology, presented an additional obstacle in introducing and promoting the Kaam India platform to them. Convincing these workers about the advantages of utilizing the platform proved to be a significant challenge that Shaira had to overcome.

In terms of risk management, Kaam India has implemented robust processes to verify job seekers and authenticate employers, as well as safeguard the personal data of millions of job seekers against cybersecurity threats. The technical team continuously works to protect the platform and its users, prioritizing the security and privacy of all stakeholders.

Despite these challenges, Shaira’s unwavering dedication and commitment to bridging the gap between employers and blue-collar workers have paved the way for the success of Kaam India

Achievements so far

“Our success is measured by the number of people we have helped in securing jobs. We understand how crucial it is for these individuals to have employment, as they are often the breadwinners of their families.”

By providing a platform that connects blue-collar workers with relevant job opportunities, Kaam India aims to empower these individuals and contribute to their financial stability. The number of people who have been assisted in finding jobs serves as a testament to the company’s success in fulfilling its mission.

Understanding the importance of employment for these individuals and their families, Kaam India is committed to making a meaningful difference in their lives. The platform strives to create opportunities, improve livelihoods, and support economic growth by facilitating connections between employers and the blue-collar workforce.

They have helped more than 25,000 resources find jobs through their platform through hard work of the team. It is considered a success to have brought organization to this previously unorganized industry and to have brought smiles to the faces of those they have assisted. Moreover, starting with an idea, this incredible journey has attracted a passionate team of 30 dedicated individuals who strive to create impactful solutions and bridge the gap between the blue-collar industry and essential services, making a significant difference in people’s lives.

Kaam India has built a strong reputation by serving numerous hospitals and manufacturing industries. Their trusted platform has revolutionized the hiring process, facilitating seamless recruitment in these critical sectors. By connecting employers with talented candidates, Kaam India has played a crucial role in meeting the workforce demands of these industries and contributing to their growth and development.

Future plans

Kaam India has set its sights on becoming a comprehensive and widely recognized solution for hiring blue-collar resources across the country. Their ultimate goal is to establish themselves as a household name in the industry. To accomplish this, they have devised a strategic plan that involves promoting the platform on a larger scale and capitalizing on their existing partnerships with multinational corporations.

By expanding their promotional efforts, Kaam India aims to increase awareness about their platform and its benefits among both job seekers and employers. They recognize the importance of reaching a larger audience to maximize their impact and achieve their goal of becoming a go-to solution for hiring blue-collar workers




Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
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