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Lexicon MILE in collaboration with Pune Times Mirror hosted an “Entrepreneurs & Young Leaders Summit”

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence recently organised an “Entrepreneurs & Young Leaders Summit” in collaboration with Pune Times Mirror. The event was designed to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs, professionals and students to network, learn, and exchange ideas and experiences.

Budding leaders and young entrepreneurs, were in attendance at the summit to share their valuable insights and experiences about Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Career Development. The summit included a panel discussion and keynote address that gave the audience a deeper understanding of the journey undertaken by the speakers in establishing their ventures, the challenges they faced, their approach to failure and tackling issues such as self-doubt. The speakers also highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence through their experiences and the importance of “Believing in Yourself” and having compassion for yourself.

“As an institute dedicated to creating the future leaders of tomorrow, at Lexicon MILE, we strive to ensure that we make every possible opportunity to grow, learn and excel available to our students. While we equip them with all the necessary skills to pursue success, we also believe that familiarising them with all the possibilities is just as important. Through events such as the “Entrepreneurs & Young Leaders Summit”, we seek to empower our students with knowledge, inspiration and self-belief to chase and fulfil their professional dreams.” Said Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President of The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman & MD of Pune Mirror, Civic Mirror, and MultiFit.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Kunal Prajapati, Director at Unipro Education Pvt Ltd., in his address spoke about the dynamic nature of an entrepreneur’s journey by illustrating the phenomenal highs and difficult lows he experienced. He also spoke about the several advantages that digital media as a resource affords us by providing measurable returns. Sharing his learning from his personal experiences he sought to impress the importance of financial literacy and competency in achieving sustainable success as an entrepreneur.

An insightful and engaging panel discussion saw the young leaders and entrepreneurs gather to share their varied and valuable perspectives about the various aspects of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The panel included young and passionate entrepreneurs from various industries who sought to give the audience a holistic picture of what it means to be an entrepreneur by speaking about the grind that entrepreneurs go through and the eventual sense of accomplishment as they see their ventures take off. When taking the stage, Ms. Akanksha Sharma, Director at The Lexicon Group, Pune Mirror & Civic Mirror and Co-Founder & CEO at CITTA, spoke about the motivation behind creating toxin-free baby care products while retaining their efficacy, Ms. Shreya Sharma, Director at The Lexicon Group, Pune Mirror & Civic Mirror, and Co-Founder & CEO at Rest The Case, shared the importance of patience and trust building in the creation of an enduring enterprise and Ms. Saniya Chordia, Founder at Ventive Makers Circle, shared her views on the importance of focusing on self-development and having a realistic understanding of one’s competencies has on the success of their venture. During the discussions, Dr. Amay Yeravdekar, Head at Off-Campus & Pune Campus Centres, Assistant Professor, Executive of Sports Recreation & Wellness at Symbiosis International University, and Co-founder of Sportiluv and Vardi Makers spoke about humility being a prized virtue for any individual dreaming of becoming a leader, Mr. Vishwa Chordia, Director at Suhana Seven Seas & Head of the International Business Division at Pravin Masalewale, spoke about how leveraging the strength of numbers that the Indian market offers and building lasting business relationships with stakeholders such as channel partners can be crucial to the scaling of any business. And Ms. Natalie Grant Nanda, General Manager, Business Strategy and Operations, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, provided great insights into the healthcare industry along with the application and advantages that technology affords the healthcare sector. Lastly, Mr. Ajit Jagtap, Director, Inaiways Technology Private Limited, reiterated the value that intellectual property carries, especially for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Having all these young and passionate entrepreneurs sharing their journeys provided a great learning experience for our students who aspire to be future leaders and entrepreneurs themselves. The panel discussions where all the entrepreneurs shared valuable insights about the importance of data-driven decisions and being well-versed with the technical aspects of the business, coupled with their learnings from failures provided our students with a realistic picture and the correct approach to navigate their entrepreneurial journey. We have always encouraged our students to believe in themselves and with the Entrepreneurs & Young Leaders Summit we sought to inspire them by providing a platform to interact with young active industry professionals who chose to believe in themselves and made their dreams a reality.” said Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO at The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit & EduCrack.

With this summit, Lexicon MILE aimed to provide an opportunity for its students to interact with young entrepreneurs and individuals on their way to becoming industry leaders, gain valuable insights and learn from their experiences, while also drawing motivation from their journeys. The summit also endeavoured to provide a platform to aspiring entrepreneurs and budding leaders a chance to network, collaborate with industry experts and benefit from their guidance. The event successfully impressed upon the students the gravity of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving business landscape and the significance of leveraging technology to find solutions to current market challenges.

Lexicon MILE provides high-quality education and learning opportunities to students through a variety of resources. These events are also designed to foster collaboration between students and industry professionals, helping to create a more robust and sustainable educational ecosystem.

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