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Innovating the Indian Coffee Market: Anand Jain’s Journey with Nothing Before Coffee

“As the great entrepreneur Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Our focus on innovation and differentiation from our competitors has been a key factor in our success so far, and we plan to continue innovating in the future.”

In an effort to understand what led to the success of Anand Jain’s venture, Nothing before Coffee, Entrepreneurs Today reached out to the man himself to take a closer look at his journey. Have a look at his entrepreneurial journey so far as he peels back the layers of the path he undertook one by one. 

Anand Jain is one of the most prominent Indian entrepreneurs who have been successful in etching a name for himself in the food and beverage industry. Born and raised in India, Jain always had the entrepreneurial vein, and it was in 2017 that he finally pursued his dreams and went on to establish his own company, Nothing Before Coffee.

Nothing Before Coffee has developed into a major force in the Indian coffee market under Jain’s direction. Over 35 coffee shops have been opened across the nation as the business has swiftly developed. This remarkable expansion can be ascribed to Jain’s inspirational leadership, which has allowed the business to stand out in a very crowded sector.

Passion to Purpose

It was after he completed his education as a chartered accountant in 2016, that Jain began his career in the logistics industry. But what led him to his entrepreneurial path was his passion for coffee and his desire to create a sustainable business model in 2017.

“I also recognized that there was a divide between coffee connoisseurs and regular coffee drinkers. Coffee connoisseurs were willing to pay a premium for high-quality coffee, while regular coffee drinkers were not. To bridge this gap, I aimed to create a coffee shop that would appeal to both types of customers. By offering affordable prices and high- quality coffee, I hoped to attract both coffee connoisseurs and regular coffee drinkers.”

It was because of Jain’s direction that Nothing Before Coffee could expand at such a rate, opening small and large coffee shops in a number of Indian cities, including Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Indore. Needless to say, the success of the organization is an obvious outcome of Jain’s persistent dedication to quality. He believes that customers ought to have the best possible coffee experience and that quality should never be compromised. The only thing that has made it possible apart from Jain’s guidance is the team of highly skilled baristas and top-of-the-line coffee roasters.

Quality Over Quantity

The motto has been crucial in advancing the company towards success. To develop a devoted clientele, Anand believes that it’s essential to offer consumers a warm atmosphere and top-quality coffee. What’s more, numerous accolades and medals have been bestowed upon Nothing Before Coffee under Jain’s leadership, reflecting the business’s remarkable contributions to the food and beverage sector.

Nothing Before Coffee or Nothing at All

Anand is filled with conviction that his brand stands head and shoulders above any of his competitors in the market in terms of offering premium coffee at a reasonable price.  In a world when coffee is ubiquitous, they stand out by offering expertly brewed coffee that isn’t generally available at your typical corner cafe. Their thick shakes are also unique from the rest of the players in the industry.

“At Nothing Before Coffee, our motto has always been “Local Price and International Quality.” We believe that everyone should have access to premium coffee at a reasonable cost, and we are committed to delivering on that promise. This approach has allowed us to build a loyal customer base and has helped us stand out in a crowded market.”

Furthermore, they prioritize creating an ambiance that envelops their customers in a warm embrace of comfort and tranquility. They aim to make their coffee shops a haven where people can unwind, socialize, or get some work done. 

“Our coffee shops are designed to be inviting and conducive to creating a memorable coffee experience.”

Dealing With Hurdles

In terms of challenges, Anand had to overcome a number of obstacles as he founded his company. This included figuring out a way to operate in a country where coffee was not as widely consumed as chai, building a devoted clientele, assembling a strong front-end team, and setting himself apart from rivals.

The preference for chai over coffee in India was one of the key issues Anand had to deal with. He had to maneuver this market as a coffee company in order to draw clients and develop his brand. Building a devoted clientele was another difficulty, which he overcame by offering superb customer support and premium coffee.

Building a strong front-end team presented difficulties for Anand as well. The key to his success was finding and developing the right team that shared his vision and principles. He put a lot of effort into establishing a productive workplace and a culture that promoted team development.

Anand focused on brewed coffee as a unique selling point while providing high-quality coffee at cost-effective prices to set his company apart from rivals. In order to differentiate his coffee shop from others, he also made sure to offer a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Achievements So Far

Anand’s company has crossed a number of significant milestones, including building a team of over 300 growth partners who have made a substantial contribution to the expansion and success of the business. Along with helping the company succeed, this has given almost 300 families new employment prospects.

“In terms of industry recognition, we were honored to receive the “Best QSR café -North” award at FCIC 2022, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. This award has motivated us to continue pushing the boundaries and setting new standards in the food and beverage industry,” Anand said.

Plans Moving Forward

When asked about the plans for the future, Anand’s shares about him looking forward to opening 150 outlets by 2024–2025. They intend to continue growing their company and target tier 2 and tier 3 locations where they already have a significant consumer following and a strong brand presence.

Anand says that they will continue to run their business using the COCO and FOFO models, which have been quite effective in reaching out to customers in smaller cities. Moreover, they’ll focus on developing a strong front-end team that shares their vision and can deliver first-rate customer service.

Collaborating with young talent in business development, marketing, and branding has been instrumental in achieving our goals and expanding our business. We have been able to tap into the creative energy of these young professionals and leverage their skills to improve our branding and marketing efforts,” Anand said. 

Founder’s note to emerging entrepreneurs:

  • Be sure of your business model. If you’re not clear on your project, then you are doing an injustice to yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them.
  • Processes and SOPs are critical drivers of your business. Always make sure to establish processes and SOPs, otherwise, you’ll end up being a firefighter, and somebody else will be the driver of your business.
  • Reinvest your earnings into your business, rather than focusing on short-term gains.
  • Trust the person you hire. Believe that they are better than you for the profile you are hiring them for. Otherwise, you’ll end up thinking that they are useless and that you are the only one doing the work. Trust that they are better.


Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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