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In Conversation With Tanusree Gupta, Co-founder of Brancon Communication: A Full-Service Branding Agency Providing Holistic Solutions

“We had no experience in business and zero capital when we started Brancon. We began with little more than faith in our ability, experience, expertise, and honesty to deliver what we commit and to do it at a reasonable price.”

For an array of client demands, Tanusree founded Brancon Communication to provide a wide range of services surrounding brand strategy, digital marketing, content production, public relations, website design and management, social media management, and market research. With the help of these services, Brancon Communication can increase a brand’s influence and have the intended effect on the demographic being targeted.

Offering each client a customized, strategic, and original solution is one of Brancon Communication’s primary strengths. The team of experts is aware of the value of carefully examining each client’s demands and developing a solution that meets those needs. This strategy guarantees the affordability, efficacy, and efficiency of the solutions provided.

“Our pragmatic, professional, detail-oriented, and hardworking team of experts provides a holistic approach to build influence and create the impact that a business needs. Because Brancon is a full-service branding agency, we can assist businesses with all aspects of brand promotion, from initial strategy formulation to post-launch evaluation. This includes everything from market research and content creation to website design and management to digital marketing and public relations,” adds Tanusree Gupta in an email interview with Entrepreneurs Today.

Getting to know the brains behind Brancon

Tanusree Gupta is an acknowledged expert in brand marketing and public relations. She is a co-founder and partner of Brancon Communication, a PR and digital marketing firm that specializes in developing 360-degree communication strategies for corporations, along with Tirtha Pratim Banerjee.

Tanusree has worked at several prominent companies for more than ten years, honing her talents and knowledge in the industry. It was in 2019 that she founded Brancon Communication out of her desire for working for herself and developing innovative strategies for communication.

Tanusree assists startups and MSMEs in gaining the most media and online visibility through her agency by leveraging innovative strategies for communication in the fields of public relations, digital marketing, social media, website development, and other associated areas. Tanusree has contributed to the expansion and presence of numerous enterprises with her experience and knowledge of the competitive business landscape.

“I was bestowed with East India’s Women Leader Award in 2022 by CMO Asia and Women Leadership Congress. I was also recently awarded the “Best Businesswoman in Marketing & PR Services Award 2023” by GFT and Image Planet in association with the MSME Govt. of India,” reveals Tanusree when she tells us about her major milestones.

The driving force for Tanusree

Tanusree’s passion for public relations was inspired by her childhood experiences and her father’s teachings. From a young age, she was recognized for her PR skills by a colleague of her father’s, even before she knew what PR meant. This recognition, coupled with her fascination for the field, led her to pursue a career in PR.

Growing up, Tanusree’s father instilled in her the values of commitment, passion, and quality over quantity. These values have been the driving force behind her work ethic and her dedication to delivering the best results for her clients.

After gaining almost a decade of experience in PR and marketing, Tanusree realized that she wanted to be her boss and pursue her own set of values and goals. This realization, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, led her to co-found Brancon Communication with her friend-turned-business partner, Tirtha Pratim Banerjee.

Despite having no planning or preparation, Tanusree’s stellar reputation and expertise in the field helped her land their first client within a week of starting the business, which became their first retainer client as well. Her drive and determination have enabled her to build a successful career and establish herself as a respected figure in the industry.

Brancon’s differentiator

“We reasoned that the startup ecosystem can’t grow if each startup doesn’t support and rely on the others. As a part of the startup ecosystem, we should shoulder the responsibility for its growth or failure,” said Tanusree.

Brancon strives to provide its services and guidance to a wide range of new businesses. Their goal is to have a lasting impact on the success of these businesses, even if they ultimately choose not to use Brancon’s services. The company views its clients’ endeavors as their own and thus offers “Free Advice” and occasionally “Free Service” to aid in their startup process without sacrificing quality. The Brancon team maintains transparency and integrity in their dealings with clients while keeping their prices reasonable. They create customized strategies that take into account their clients’ current position, the market, and their competition. Brancon remains committed to its clients until they have achieved their objectives, completed deliverables, and are satisfied with their services.

Navigating troubled waters

Tanusree encountered many difficulties as she founded Brancon Communication. The absence of professional mentorship and advisors who could offer direction and help to grow the firm was the first barrier. Tanusree and her partner had trouble finding the appropriate advice because neither of them had experience in the business. 

Another significant challenge was getting funding and landing the first projects as a startup without a track record to back up their work. Finding and retaining talented employees was also challenging due to the competition with other startups vying for the same pool of talent. As a result, it was difficult to attract and retain the best candidates, and the company had to provide services at or below cost, or even for free in the form of a trial run, to establish trust and land new business. Moreover, the lack of knowledge about the various compliances that had to be met was a major problem at first for the startup.

The next chapter

The long-term goals of Brancon Communication include recruiting a larger clientele, making more money, and improving its standing in the business world. To accomplish these goals, the company has a clearly defined strategy and plan of action. They intend to make investments in their workers’ professional development and keep abreast of market trends. To improve productivity, automate tedious manual operations, and streamline procedures, they are utilizing technology and software. 

The continued success of the company depends on prioritizing delighted clients, and Brancon Communication wants to keep customers happy by exceeding their expectations, taking feedback to heart, and fulfilling its word. The business also intends to collaborate with other businesses in its industry to reach a larger audience and give its clients greater value.

Nuggets from the interview

How do you deal with the risks that come with building something of your own?

“Starting a business is inherently risky, and entrepreneurs must be ready to deal with a wide variety of additional risks daily. To prepare for any obstacles that may arise, we always do a SWOT analysis. We also make sure to have a backup plan in place, including a contingency and a continuity strategy. We first turned to service diversification to spread our eggs (or money) more thinly. Another method we employ is being open and honest with our stakeholders about the risks we face and the countermeasures we’ve devised for dealing with them.”

What are your thoughts on failure?

“Taking the entrepreneurial path is unquestionably a lifelong learning experience. Either you make it, or you fail. That’s the way it is in business. Acceptance of failures is one such lesson. Every entrepreneur will experience setbacks at some point. Understanding this and turning this setback into an opportunity for our growth rather than a stumbling block is what is required.”


Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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