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Elon Musk says many jobs to go irrelevant in Future, advises the youth to study

Elon MuskElon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is known to have a different point of view towards the future of Artificial Intelligence. The founder of “The Boring Company” has worked for evolving the Artificial Intelligence techniques for his co-founded company OpenAI, and also helped to develop Solarcity. Born to a Canadian mother and South African father, he attended the University of Pretoria before moving to Canada at 17 years of age where he did his bachelor’s in economics and physics. He then went to Stanford, decided to pursue a business career, co-founded the web-software company Zip2. Musk has made many bold statements and has been often criticized for unscientific and controversial comments.

Musk has been known to have an unconventional approach in relation to other businessmen and has given his insights on how the jobs in the next generation are going to be obsolete. The nature of new jobs after Artificial Intelligence has been introduced has changed. Elon Musk said in an event that as few jobs are getting obsolete, there are new skill required to be met. As new technologies are developing, few positions are getting replaced by machines, but we need new skills and knowledge to operate such machines. People in the new AI era needs to adapt to stay relevant in the job market.

At the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Musk commented, “ Artificial Intelligence will make jobs a little pointless” According to his theory, “ Men will make artificially intelligent machine, and the machine will itself be able to develop software, so what will be the future requirements of jobs? People who can use and control these machines will be required.

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer or machine that can be trained to work like a human does as it will pose human intelligence and discernment. AI machines have cognitive functions, these machines think like humans and can do functions of “problem-solving” and “learning”.

Musk had also said.” Robots will be able to do better than us.” Tesla will develop a humanoid robot prototype dubbed the ”Tesla Bot” on this Artificial Intelligence Day this year. He is also working on a full self-driving car, Tesla’s autonomous vehicles will be seen on roads shortly after they receive regulatory approval across the U.S market.

According to Musk, the production and distribution of a company is likely to be taken care by technology in the future. Human interaction will be the requirement of the future. He said people who are well versed in machine learning and know the technical parts will be safe since most of the work will be replayed and may go missing. The only way to stay relevant is learning to adapt to new technologies. He has also given his insights on what are the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence, calling it a threat to humanity. Musk’s opinions about AI have provoked controversy. Consequently, according to CNBC, Musk is “not always looked upon favorably” by the AI research community. Though his company deals in various areas of transportation, Musk has criticized public transportation, a stance that has been called elitist.

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