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Deepak Goyal – It is very important to take determination and work on it

Designgiri India is a Graphic Designing company that has worked with more than 300+ Brands. They have provided brand identity to brands by designing creative logos, websites and now work as a social media agency. Right now they are handling almost 60+ brands page.

Deepak Goyal initially started working from home but after huge succes in his field and after getting a good amount of work, he switched his work place to an office with a few Employees.

How did this all being? The big switch from engineer to designing?

-Engineering was in trend and I followed it without giving any second thoughts. In my first year, out of five subjects I got back in three. After failing six times in Mathematics I understood engineering is not my cup of tea.

How did your family react to you deciding to do designing? Where they supportive?

-My family was always supportive and asked me to pursue the field in which I have an interest. After investing almost three years in engineering I decided to do a diploma in Graphic Designing. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and secured an A grade in all assignments.

How and when did you decide to showcase your talent on the internet?

– Randomly, I created a page (Designgiriindia) on Instagram and posted my work. Unexpectedly my followers increased, resulting in more clients and orders. I also received word from a few clients from abroad.

Did you have any doubts about yourself or your work when you started this page?

-What if, after failing those six times, I would have given up? Or what if, I would have not tried only after failing the first two times. I am proud that I did not lose hope. Engineering taught me that people will always have an opinion. Some will praise you, others will make fun of you. If you are persistent and strong enough, life will bestow over you ample new opportunities.

Tell us a little more about other things you have done and any further plans?

-In 2019, after doing R&D in the field of salons, I inaugurated my first salon in November. We plan to expand it as a chain all over India starting with four in Indore till 2022.
In college, with my friends, we opened an NGO. Our motive was to pass knowledge, a gift that is a priceless possession. We found slum areas and made the students read and write. However, understanding the importance of school, we contributed funds out of our savings and enrolled around 80 kids in school. Till now our team has taught almost 450 students. The joy of giving cannot be expressed, after all, it’s the little things in life that matter the most.

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