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Chakkiwalle – This lady business visionary utilized ‘chakki’ to begin a natural food varieties brand when her café business was battling

Situated in Bengaluru, business visionary and academician Shivi Jawalia began natural food brand Chakkiwalle, which offers around 240 distinct items, including flour, heartbeats, flavors, and masalas, among others.


Businessperson Shivi Jawalia founder of Chakkiwalle saw a respite in her eatery organizations — situated in Bengaluru — when the COVID-19 lockdown was reported the year before.

“Accommodation area was quick to be impacted and will be the last to recuperate. It isn’t simply dread and worry of individuals’ wellbeing and prosperity. Bangalore is a city of transients yet many got back as work-from-home turned into an enormous piece of the new typical,” she tells HerStory.

At the point when she moved to the city in 2010 after her wedding, Shivi and her significant other saw almost no choices when it came to North Indian food. The two began a Rajasthani-themed café NH10, first at a 2,000 sq ft region Indiranagar, trailed by a cloud kitchen, and two additional eateries by a similar name at Orbit Mall, Whitefield, and Sahakara Nagar.

The business became stronger to strength until COVID-19 struck. With simply the cloud kitchen working and just internet-based conveyances to deal with, Shivi out of nowhere had a great deal of leisure time.

For the low-maintenance academician showing MBA at different organizations and business person, this turned out to be simply one more freedom to begin one more endeavor. She established Chakkiwalein May 2020, an endeavor that offers natural flours, hand-ground flavors, millets, dry organic products, beats, and then some.


The start

Shivi herself has been utilizing a chakki (plant) and crushing flours for utilization at home as opposed to purchasing from the store for a long while. She would likewise hand-pound flavors and masalas at home. Thus, at whatever point her companions came over, they would consistently let Shivi know that her home food tasted totally different.

This was likewise one reason behind her beginning Chakkiwalle. During the pandemic, she likewise put their farmland in the edges of Bengaluru — which had been lying inactive for such a long time — to great use. Beginning with atta, she began getting ready half kg parcels in exceptionally basic sacks with simply a telephone number assuming clients need to arrange more.

At first selling inside their apartment building, she would share a Google Form and request that they add their orders there prior to fostering a web-based business site.

At the point when messages began pouring in asking how the items were made, Shivi made WhatsApp and Telegram gatherings to share video pieces instructing individuals about the cycle.

“We don’t load up on these and prompt them not to do likewise too and urge them to arrange like clockwork. Along these lines, we grind solely after orders are put to guarantee new items,” she adds. Verbal exchange through loved ones additionally assumed a major part in making brand mindfulness.

Exploring the market

As individuals have become more wellbeing cognizant, request and utilization of natural food have expanded altogether over the most recent couple of years in India where the market for natural food is projected to develop from $177.14 million in FY20 to $553.87 million in FY26. Natural Tattva, Down to Earth Organic Food, and 24Mantra are among the vital participants in a similar market space.

Notwithstanding, while most brands offer bundled natural food, Chakkiwalle highly esteems planning flours, flavors, and different items in little clusters solely after orders are set.

Shivi is bullish about keeping up with item quality over different elements like bundling. “Our bundling is additionally extremely essential. It was at first since we didn’t have a lot to spend on it yet we likewise don’t want to bait individuals into purchasing something with extravagant tones and bundling. Why not put resources into adding genuine worth in the item all things being equal,” she says, adding that a small introductory venture was likewise restricted to simply the bundling.

Truth be told, she says clients have communicated getting a charge out of interfacing with the business visionary and finding out with regards to the cycles behind the natural items something other than requesting on the web.

Shivi was as of late chosen to be essential for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 ladies business person program that gives direction and mentorship, organizing openings, and admittance to capital, among different advantages.

As of now, Chakkiwalle works just inside Bengaluru on a B2C model and has acquired a decent comprehension of the items that are working and the ones that are not — out of its 240 items.

Pushing forward, Shivi desires to grow NH10 to different urban communities through diversifying and getting every one of its fixings from Chakkiwalle.

Thusly, she says, both NH10 and Chakkiwalle will wander into the B2B model too later on.

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