Auto Entrepreneur Do you dream of starting your activity easily and quickly but you are afraid of getting lost in the administrative procedures? Do not panic. It is possible to benefit from full support with simplified formalities and an online management tool to successfully manage your future self-employed business.

Developing your project with confidence is not for everyone. Self-employed people can encounter several difficulties when starting out. Left to their own devices, they can very quickly feel overwhelmed and permanently overloaded, especially on the administrative side. How to create a self-employed business? Which CFE does your micro-enterprise depend on? How to choose the auto-business bank account? Unanswered questions for some auto-entrepreneurs and project leaders, who are overwhelmed by an abundance of information or conversely who are sorely lacking in advice.

Often for lack of time, budget, but also manpower, auto-entrepreneurs must wear all hats: accountant, salesperson, secretary … Fortunately, there is Espace Auto Entrepreneur, a reference site in France, partner of the National Federation of Self-Employed and Micro-entrepreneurs (since 2016, there is no longer any difference between the two regimes). Designed by auto-entrepreneurs for auto-entrepreneurs, this site offers all the essential services, from the creation and management of a micro-business to administrative procedures, through the management of the status until its closure to sell. his activity.

The micro-enterprise regime is a very simplified tax regime open in particular to individual businesses that do not exceed a certain turnover threshold. Many advantages for the auto-entrepreneur are linked to this regime: he can benefit in particular from reductions in accounting and declaration obligations and from administrative reductions.

Accessible to a major part of the population and in most sectors, the statute however excludes certain regulated liberal professions that do not fall under the CIPAV or the SSI, such as accountants and most health professionals. but also agricultural activities attached to the MSA, activities falling under real estate VAT or even certain trades falling under the Maison des Artistes and Agessa, such as graphic designers, authors or screenwriters.

Auto Entrepreneur deals with all questions relating to self-entrepreneurship and the micro-enterprise regime to help anyone wishing to become self-employed and wondering about these subjects to understand the environment, the functioning and the rules that govern it. . On its site, Auto Entrepreneur therefore details the particularities of the scheme, social charges and social protection for the self-employed, but also his obligations and the assistance granted to him. adapted solutions. You should simply get everything rolling.

Getting started with ease

The auto-entrepreneur is often the first experience of a business creation and despite the information available, the aspiring auto-entrepreneur may still need support for various aspects: the functioning of the statute, the project, the tools available to manage a business. Several organisations can thus be solicited. When creating a micro-enterprise, the self-employed person may decide to approach administrative or associative bodies which can answer his questions and advise him at each stage of the process. He will be able to benefit from assistance to facilitate the various steps necessary for creation. But it is also an opportunity to take advantage of many tools to manage the self-business online, in a few clicks, including the edition of quotes, invoices, monitoring of turnover, statistics or even activity declarations. These solutions, Auto-Entrepreneur offers many.

Advice and personalised support

A place where auto-entrepreneurs can find all the answers to their questions,Auto-Entrepreneur has imagined it, is the “hive of auto-entrepreneurs”. In this space, many additional themes to the main subject are also discussed, such as communication, staff recruitment or even accounting in addition to practical guides. There are even business sheets, bringing together the qualities necessary to embody the chosen activity, customer profiles or even leads on how to develop your business.

In addition to this advice, self-employed people will be able to benefit from support thanks to a team available 7 days a week to answer their questions and provide them with adapted solutions. You should simply get everything rolling.

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