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The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training becomes a partner with ACE (American Council on Exercise) to be an ACE International Education Partner.

With an aim to get people moving worldwide, the ACE (American Council on Exercise) a leading non-profit organization certifies health coaches and fitness professionals which sets high standards and elevates their careers as health coaches. The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training has entered into an agreement with ACE to become their International Education Partner.

With the agreement tenure that begun on 25th January 2023 to 30th June 2024, The Lexicon Fitness Academy is facilitating the delivery of ACE-approved courses and curriculum, preparing professionals on the technical front to take up the examinations by ACE that would certify them as Health and Fitness professionals.

“In today’s times Fitness is the biggest virtue and in this fast-paced world, it is much important that one should remain fit. The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training partners with ACE, a non-profit organization to certify exercise Professionals from our iconic and scientifically sound institution according to standards that make them the best in the fitness industry. If individuals need help being fit, they should reach out to Certified Professionals,” says Mr. Fauzan Shaikh, Manager – Program Development and Student Acquisition.

The ACE training comprises of classroom and online programs for the courses based on the curriculum that helps the trainers prepare for the ACE examination. The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness training is responsible for ensuring that the ACE certification exam registrants meet the eligibility prerequisites for the exams. The Academy will also be maintaining a database that has all registration details and maintain the ACE code of conduct. The content delivered by the Academy will be ACE-approved.

The master trainers at the Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training are highly qualified to deliver the ACE courses and have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sciences, good verbal and written communication skills, current ACE certification, knowledge about the fitness industry, and a 3-year teaching experience in a fitness setting. The trainers would also be able to present workshops and seminars in a professional setting.

Advantages of being ACE Certified Trainer

The NCCA (National Council for Certifying Agencies) has accredited ACE as a recognized fitness certification program that is accepted for fitness jobs around the globe. As an International Education Partner, the graduates from the Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training definitely have the edge over other applicants.

The ACE certification is a comprehensive program for students that encompasses exercise science, nutrition, behaviour modification, and client evaluation; guaranteeing that they understand the fitness business and are prepared to be effective personal trainers who drive business for health club facility owners or are ready to become fitness entrepreneurs.

With the world moving towards an aim to move and be fit as a fiddle, it is also necessary for people to get trained from certified professionals. The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training facilitates producing certified professionals as per ACE standards. The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training has master trainers who meet the ACE stipulated requirement to provide training to registrants to become certified coaches.

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