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Lexicon Group launches EasyRecruit Plus

This will help and support recruiters to shortlist candidates in lesser time

Lexicon Group of Companies has launched a new Business Vertical with the name EasyRecruit Plus. As the name suggests, this is going to be a Recruitment Solutions Providing company.

With humble beginnings, The Lexicon Group today has leadership in most educational fields. The success of Lexicon Kids Preschools, The Lexicon Schools, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising, and Lexicon Fitness Academy are all a testimonial to this, along with Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror, Multifit, EduCrack, Citta, Thinker Place, Rest the Case.

The idea behind EasyRecruit Plus is to help and support recruiters to shortlist candidates with the right Aptitude, Domain Knowledge, Cognitive abilities, Good communication, and verified backgrounds.

Speaking about EasyRecruit Plus, Mr Anand Bhushan, Chief Executive Officer, EduCrack and EasyRecruit Plus said, “The objective of EasyRecruit Plus is to streamline and shorten the initial screening of candidates for recruitment, by using tools that are AI-enabled and give an unbiased and objective evaluation to help Recruiters finalize the right talent in a shorter time and effort.”

For any position advertised, there are hundreds of applicants. It is virtually impossible for the HR Team to go through the pile of applications and shortlist the right fitment for one-to-one interviews and then move them ahead for final interactions. What actually happens is that keyword search is done, which often, makes the HR miss out on the genuine right candidates and instead get the candidates who had taken the help of various software to get the right keywords in the resumes. However, post that, initial screening through interactions still remains a challenge as it is very time-consuming, eating into the productive time of the recruiters.

“The tools of EasyRecruit Plus will help increase the productivity of HR team by helping them get more work done in lesser time, and also by increasing the quality of hires over a period of time, thereby benefiting the Organizations” opined Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO, Lexicon group of Institutes, Multifit, EduCrack, and EasyRecruit Plus.

Mr. Anand Bhushan further elaborated on EasyRecruit Plus, “The tools being offered by EasyRecruit Plus cater to the three main requirements of the HR team in screening and onboarding. ATT is a multiple-choice test to test the candidate in Basic English, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative aptitude, which can also be used for the Domain Knowledge test of the candidates. Whereas IntAna is an AI-enabled Interview Analytics and Feedback tool, which provides scores on the cognitive aspects, and takes into consideration the Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Sentiment analysis of the candidate who attends the interview through a BOT in front of his/her system. IntAna and ATT together can be used by the HR team to screen the candidate’s Aptitude/ Domain tests as well as Cognitive aspects, thereby screening for Knowledge as well as Cognitive presentation. The tests can be administered to as many candidates as needed at one go, so the entire screening can be done in a day’s time with graded results made available for HR to move the candidate to the bucket of PI. The iBG helps the HR in reconfirming the background of the candidates on the information provided by the candidates, and thereby ensures that the candidate has provided the right information which is verifiable.”

Through our vision, EasyRecruit+ is going to provide a big help to all Recruiters of leading Organisations in selecting the right talent which in turn will help the longevity of the talent within the Organization and also increase sustained productivity in the long run.

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