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The Journey of Hoichoi and its Founders since 2017

Competing against names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, Hoichoi has somewhat gained a foothold among Bengalis in India and all across the world. Let’s take a look at how they got started and what their journey has been like so far.

About Hoichoi

Co-founded by Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Kumar Soni and Vishnu Mohta, Hoichoi is an on-demand video streaming platform for Bengalis worldwide. The platform offers an extensive collection of 600+ Bengali movies, 150+ original web series, shorts, and documentaries, with new content being added every week. 

In order to be inclusive so that even those who do not know Bangla can enjoy their content, they also have Hindi dubbed versions of all their original shows, and the content is available with English subtitles.

Vishnu Mohta’s journey

While he was still pursuing his bachelor’s degree, Vishnu recognized a gap in everything he learned and wanted to study abroad and seek additional knowledge. Aston’s specialized program in international business was an ideal fit.

The MSc at Aston not only sharpened his strategic thinking but also instilled practical skills through internships, nourishing his entrepreneurial mindset. Following graduation, he worked at KPMG and Lloyd’s Banking Group to further his industry knowledge.

However, it was the entrepreneurial environment at Aston that cultivated his analytical abilities, laying the door for his venture into media and entertainment. This foundation, combined with an international outlook, propelled his startup idea.

What inspired them to get started?

Vishnu Mohta, co-founder of Hoichoi, in an interview with The Business Standard, revealed,

“Actually, we wanted to show Bangla-speaking people across the world the content of the two countries. We are still trying to do that. Our aim was to bring the content of the two countries on one platform. We are planning for more work ahead. We believe that Hoichoi will reach a bigger audience in this way.”

He further added,

“We have observed people are spending more time on streaming sites during the pandemic. As the number of our subscribers has increased, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to deliver good content. That is why we have made content during the pandemic and the actors have done the shooting at their homes. We did not halt our activities during the crisis period, mainly to entertain our audience with new content.”

Hoichoi offers subscription plans starting at ₹599 a year, with a family plan priced at ₹899 a year. There isn’t a free subscription option available on Hoichoi. However, the solo plan starting at ₹599 a year equates to around ₹50 per month, providing an affordable option for users. 

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How did the platform find success?

In an interview, Vishnu revealed that he had to follow the big giants and the existing OTTs closely to understand how he could move forward with his idea. So, what followed next was an extensive study of the market he wanted to cater to and the kind of demand there was for the products and services. Speaking of what their content creation process looks like,. Vishnu says, 

“The first thing we consider while making content is to entertain the audience. We have to think about new content and new ideas all the time. We have to make content for all. Many viewers call us over the phone. We have a good relationship with our audience. We always get feedback from viewers. If we cannot reflect their feedback in our work in the first season, we work as per the feedback in the next season.”

Features available:

  • Offline Downloads: Save and watch Bengali movies and series offline.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Accessible on phones, tablets, laptops, and Smart TVs, supporting various platforms.
  • Multi-Language Experience: Subtitles, bilingual interface in English and Bengali.
  • Parental Control: Manage content accessible to children with a PIN.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Streaming: Affordable plans for streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.
Plans for the future

The co-founders currently have big plans for the platform and are looking to expand even beyond the Bengali community in India. They will also start subbing their releases in other languages as well so that more and more people can enjoy their content. Even though the plans may seem a little challenging, Vishu is positive he can execute them. He shares, 

“Getting to know the world while sitting in your hometown can be challenging because every market is different and every culture is different… With my MSc, it gave me a lot of understanding of the international market and how business is to be done in varied markets.”


Hoichoi’s diverse catalog spans compelling genres including detective, drama, thriller, comedy, romance, and adventure, promising enthralling narratives that keep viewers hooked. Their originals, known for their captivating storylines, are now accessible in Hindi as well. Renowned series such as Eken Babu, Byomkesh, Feludar Goyendagiri, Gora, Mandaar, Indubalar Bhaater Hotel, Hello!, Sampurna, Noshtoneer, Indu, and Bodhon are globally available, offering a rich viewing experience to audiences worldwide. 

There are now subtitles and dubs available in other languages. If you are just getting started with the platform, you may want to take a look at popular series like Indubala Bhaater Hotel and Eken Babu.

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