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 Parth Gupta’s Journey of Cultivating Culinary Excellence and Sowing Seeds of Success with BLOOM

Through the exploration of the vibrant streets of London and the landscapes of Europe, Parth’s keen observations revealed a glaring void in India’s culinary landscape. Recognizing the immense potential for quality & innovation, he set his sights on revolutionizing the food industry back home. 

Entrepreneurs Today had the invaluable opportunity to interview Parth Gupta, delving into the captivating story of his entrepreneurial success with BLOOM.

The culinary virtuoso

Parth Gupta’s journey began at the age of 5. With an innate passion for cooking, Parth’s affinity for the kitchen increased with every smile he received from those who had his dishes. 

The iconic quote from the beloved movie “Ratatouille” – “Anybody can cook” has been nothing short of an inspiration for Parth.

While completing Business Management at King’s College London, Parth embarked on an adventure to explore his true passion. London became his canvas, and the neighborhood became his first eager audience.

With a combination of self-taught skills and a relentless spirit, Parth began crafting and selling desserts that captivated the taste buds of his community. Fueled by the proceeds from his homemade delicacies and personal savings, he seized the opportunity to enroll in courses at the renowned culinary institution, “Le Cordon Bleu,” which is considered the best culinary institute in the world. 

He diligently completed training in Food Safety, Hygiene, Allergens, and Nutrition, ensuring his creations not only delighted palates but also adhered to the highest standards of safety and dietary needs.

In his quest for culinary mastery, Parth honed his skills by working in various cafes and restaurants throughout London. 

It was in these bustling kitchens, including the Michelin-starred establishment “Club Gascon” under the tutelage of Chef Arturo Granato, where he refined his techniques, immersed himself in diverse culinary traditions, and embraced the rigor and precision that define the world’s finest dining experiences.

Drawing inspiration

Parth’s epiphany in London came in the form of high-quality eggless baking, vegetarianism, and veganism, realms that remained largely uncharted in his homeland. 

Since 2016, he has dedicated himself to perfecting the art of eggless baking and cooking, honing his skills, and expanding his repertoire.

In 2019, the seeds of a remarkable idea sprouted, giving birth to BLOOM, a name rich with symbolism that embodies the concepts of growth, flourishing, and connection between humans and nature. It stands as a testament to Parth’s vision to educate and enlighten people about the food they consume, while also promising an uncompromising commitment to using the finest, freshest ingredients to craft exceptional dining experiences.

After meticulous planning and tireless efforts spanning two years, Parth’s vision materialized in 2021 as BLOOM unveiled its inaugural café in Khan Market. 

With an unwavering focus on exceptional food quality and an exquisite coffee selection, BLOOM swiftly captured the hearts and taste buds of the visitors. The café emanates a serene and inviting ambiance, offering a haven for people to unwind and embrace moments of tranquility amidst the bustling energy of Delhi’s vibrant streets.

“To further reach out to more people, BLOOM has been popping up at shows like Wedding Asia and Jahaan Luxury at Taj Palace Delhi, Magnolia’s, and Camilia’s at Gurgaon. Recently, BLOOM also popped up at the India Art Fair, Akshaya Pratishthan at the British Commissioner’s residence, and Palate Food Festival,” as revealed by Parth.

Where culinary delights blossom

BLOOM’s Khan & Aurobindo outlets showcase a range of exceptional dishes that have received outstanding feedback, including their signature coffees, croissants, tiramisu, Belgian hot chocolate, Lotus Biscoff shake, avocado toast, carrot cake, and Biscoff cheesecake.

At the Vasant Vihar location, in addition to the aforementioned offerings, people can enjoy delectable French toasts, Acai & Poke Bowls, modern open toasts, refreshing salads, fluffy pancakes, and gourmet sandwiches. 

Making waves as one of the first and only establishments in the entire country, BLOOM at Vasant Vihar is proudly serving authentic Acai bowls made with handpicked Acai berries sourced from the Amazon forest in Brazil. 

This exceptional offering, backed by the support of the Brazilian embassy in India, will be celebrated and promoted by the Brazilian government itself.

Furthermore, Aurobindo’s BLOOM location, a miniature counterpart to its flagship store in Khan Market, will feature an array of specialty coffees and an expansive beverage menu. Guests can also indulge in BLOOM’s signature desserts, breads, and savory treats, flawlessly complementing the cafe experience. As an exciting bonus, unique Gelato flavors are set to make their debut at Aurobindo.

Celebrating feats

BLOOM has transcended boundaries and garnered accolades from prestigious events and locations. From exhibiting at the residence of British commissioners in India to participating in esteemed food festivals and even showcasing their culinary expertise at palaces, BLOOM has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

What began as a team of five members, including some chefs and key personnel, has evolved into a thriving enterprise with over 40 dedicated individuals within a span of just one and a half years.

BLOOM’s expansion is equally impressive, with the brand rapidly multiplying from a single outlet to three in less than two years. Yet, their future plans extend beyond sheer numbers. 

BLOOM aspires to cultivate a distinct brand identity, positioning itself as a specialty vegetarian coffee destination that stands apart from the masses. The vision extends beyond the borders of Delhi, with aspirations to establish niche outlets in select international locations, ensuring that BLOOM’s unique charm and exceptional quality resonate with discerning customers worldwide.

With their culinary prowess recognized by restaurant gurus’ websites and extensively covered by news outlets and blogs, BLOOM continues to make waves in the industry. However, their journey is far from over.

Finding balance

For Parth, the daily consumption of desserts presented a unique challenge in his work life. While it may seem appealing, indulging in desserts each day posed the risk of unwanted weight gain, prompting him to adopt a rigorous fitness routine to maintain his health and physique.

Balancing early mornings with vigorous workouts became essential in offsetting the potential impact of his daily dessert consumption. 

Managing time between work, personal commitments, and family also posed its own set of challenges. In the initial phases, Parth found himself shouldering multiple responsibilities as a sole mentor, dividing his attention between coaching, leading his team in the kitchen and cafe, and personally overseeing operations. These demanding circumstances led him to devote over 18 hours a day to the café, sacrificing sleep and tirelessly dedicating himself to the kitchen and café management.

However, as BLOOM progressed, so did the team dynamics. Parth’s brilliant team expanded, receiving comprehensive training and allowing for the seamless transition to a more structured management approach. With a growing team in place, Parth assumed the role of a CEO, alleviating the need for constant personal involvement at the crack of dawn or late into the night.

A blooming future

Looking ahead, BLOOM is steadfast in its commitment to enlighten and educate individuals about the importance of quality food, vegetarianism, and veganism. With sustainability at its core, the café strives to foster mindful food choices and combat food waste.

BLOOM’s ambitious vision extends beyond being a mere café; within the next 2-3 years, it aspires to transform into a lifestyle brand that permeates every aspect of its patrons’ lives. Aiming for the pinnacle of brand recognition in the realm of vegetarian bakes and food, BLOOM seeks to cultivate a closely-knit community that not only relishes in delectable experiences but also gains valuable knowledge.

Crucially, BLOOM endeavors to differentiate itself from ordinary commercial cafés, presenting itself as a true passion project.

Parth’s approach to entrepreneurial success

In the face of daunting challenges, Parth advises focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. This shift in mindset enables individuals to approach obstacles with a proactive and solution-oriented mindset, fostering a greater likelihood of success.

Through his own experiences, Parth has come to understand that perseverance, coupled with a forward-looking mindset, is key to navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Rather than being consumed by challenges, he urges entrepreneurs to embrace them as opportunities to discover innovative solutions and forge a path toward growth and achievement.


Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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