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Magic Lantern Studios Joins Forces with Amicability Diplomatic Club, Paving the Way for Global Expansion

An Illuminating Collaboration: Magic Lantern Studios and Amicability Diplomatic Club Unite for Mutual Growth

HYDERABAD, JULY 2nd 2023 – Magic Lantern Studios, a renowned creative strategic advertising agency, is set to embark on a global journey following a momentous partnership with the esteemed Amicability Diplomatic Club (ADC). This strategic collaboration signifies a significant milestone for Magic Lantern Studios as it expands its influence in international markets. Dr. Sahithya Reddy Dubba and Amarnadh Bommisetty, the visionary co-founders of Magic Lantern Studios, joined forces with Dr. D Murthy Devarabhotla, President of Amicability Diplomatic Club, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), solidifying their commitment to this transformative alliance.

Igniting the Advertising World with Unmatched Brilliance : The Journey of Magic Lantern Studios

Magic Lantern Studios, co-founded by Dr. Sahithya Reddy Dubba and Amarnadh Bommisetty, stands at the forefront of the advertising industry. Their shared entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication have earned them recognition as young visionaries making a remarkable difference. Under their leadership, Magic Lantern Studios has garnered a reputation for delivering unique and effective advertising solutions that captivate audiences and exceed clients’ expectations.

Celebrating the Excellence of Dr. Sahithya Reddy Dubba and Amarnadh Bommisetty : Recognitions and Awards

The entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Sahithya Reddy Dubba and Amarnadh Bommisetty has garnered well-deserved recognition and prestigious accolades. Driven by their outstanding contributions to the business world, Dr. Dubba was honored with the Women Entrepreneur Award by the Indian Achiever’s Forum, recognizing her dedication and achievements as a pioneering woman entrepreneur. Additionally, her exceptional leadership and innovative approach led to her inclusion in the esteemed 30under30 entrepreneurs of 2023 list, further highlighting her remarkable achievements.

At the Global Business Summit (The Spiritual Way) in Varanasi, Dr. Dubba and Mr. Bommisetty received a standing ovation from esteemed delegates representing various sectors. The summit recognized their innovative approach to advertising and their remarkable impact on the industry. Dr. Vohra bestowed Dr. Dubba and Mr. Bommisetty with the Young Entrepreneur Award, commending them and Magic Lantern Studios for their unparalleled innovation and industry contributions.

*Expanding Horizons *: Two New Verticals and a Growing Team

Magic Lantern Studios is set to launch *Two new Verticals *targeting international markets, unveiling new avenues for growth and innovation. This expansion signifies the agency’s commitment to exploring new territories and reaching a wider audience with their unique advertising solutions.

In addition, Magic Lantern Studios has expanded its team by bringing onboard a pool of talented professionals with extensive experience and expertise from renowned agencies such as Ogilvy, Wunderman Thompson, and WPP. This strategic move has significantly bolstered the agency’s capabilities, enhancing its position as a powerhouse in the advertising industry. The expertise and diverse skill sets of the new team members further strengthen Magic Lantern Studios’ ability to deliver exceptional advertising solutions and propel the agency towards even greater success.

A Global Journey Begins : Magic Lantern Studios and ADC Unite

With the signing of the MoU, Magic Lantern Studios embarks on a transformative journey towards global expansion. This partnership with ADC, a prestigious diplomatic club, opens doors to new horizons for both organizations. By leveraging their collective expertise, resources, and extensive networks, Magic Lantern Studios and ADC aim to create a mutually beneficial environment that fosters international trade, economic growth, cultural exchange, and diplomacy.

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