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From Digital Enthusiast to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Unveiling the Trailblazing Path of Thavi Achharya

“If you ask me what entrepreneurship is, I would say it’s about asking the right questions and finding the answers yourself. Being an entrepreneur means having a winner’s mindset, constantly striving for success from one victory to the next.”

During our exclusive interview with Thavi Achharya for Entrepreneurs Today, we delved into the essence of entrepreneurship and inquired about what it truly means to her. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Thavi’s insights shed light on her journey so far.

Getting to know Thavi Achharya

Thavi Achharya, a seasoned professional in the online advertising and performance marketing realm with nearly 7 years of industry expertise, is making waves as a specialist working closely with esteemed clients in the wellness, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle sectors. 

When asked about the inspiration behind starting her own business and how she embarked on this entrepreneurial path, Thavi recounts her early introduction to the digital industry. Even as a teenager, she found herself captivated by marketing campaigns and advertisements, setting her apart from her peers. Embracing the potential of the digital world at its nascent stage, Thavi took the plunge and became one of the pioneers in her social circle to explore this emerging field.

Eager to equip herself with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, Thavi pursued a diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing at DMTI Mumbai, even when the course was freshly introduced, making her the youngest student in her batch. This early leap into the digital world laid the foundation for her successful entrepreneurial venture and catapulted her into a flourishing career marked by innovation and unswerving dedication.

When asked about what sets her work apart from the others, she shares,

“I am certified as one of the top 3% performance marketers by Uplers, a renowned platform that collaborates with esteemed clients such as Disney, Amazon, Oracle, and more. Additionally, I am among the select few Programmatic advertisers in India, offering this cutting-edge service to numerous top-tier companies who ventured into it for the first time. Furthermore, I hold certifications from Meta, Hubspot, Google, and LinkedIn, further validating my expertise in the field.”

Overcoming challenges

Navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship, Thavi Achharya encountered a myriad of challenges, each demanding resilience and strategic thinking. One of the most prominent hurdles she faced was the arduous task of finding clients who exhibited unwavering dedication to their own success and maintained realistic expectations from the outset.

In the early stages of her career, Thavi often encountered clients who struggled to grasp the importance of long-term strategies and instead sought instantaneous results without providing the necessary funding, a futile endeavor that undermined their own aspirations.

This disconnect between short-term demands and long-term goals was not limited to her individual consultancy work but was also prevalent during her tenure in digital marketing agencies, where Thavi spent four to five formative years. Realizing that her potential was being stifled in an employee role, she made the bold decision to break free from the confines of traditional employment and carve her path as an independent consultant and marketer. Undoubtedly, this transition posed its own set of challenges, particularly due to her youthful age compared to other seasoned consultants and specialists.

Nevertheless, Thavi swiftly adapted to overcome these obstacles, honing her pitching skills to deliver straightforward and impactful proposals that resonated with discerning brands. Her ability to precisely articulate the essence of her services not only captured the attention of prominent industry players but also resulted in successful deal closures. As her capabilities and profound knowledge took center stage, her age became a negligible factor, pleasantly surprising clients and industry peers alike. 

Celebrating feats

One of Thavi Achharya’s notable achievements is establishing a business that operates solely on 100% inbound inquiries and referrals. Unlike conventional approaches that rely on promotions, marketing efforts, and business development strategies, Thavi’s business thrives purely on the strength of client recommendations and organic inquiries. She further added,

“I am also proud to be one of the youngest individuals in Uplers Talent Pool as a performance marketer. It has been an absolute honor to work with well-known brands such as Mcaffeine, MamaEarth, MAAC, The Skin Story, LODHA, Zivame, and more. I have successfully helped businesses achieve impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) ranging from 3X to 100X, with low cost-per-click (CPC) and high click-through rates (CTR).”

During our conversation, we inquired Thavi about the pivotal moment in her journey that left the most profound impact on her inspiration. To our delight, she candidly revealed,

“I remember securing my first significant client vividly. I was over the moon with excitement. When I presented my pitch, I did it more as a shot in the dark than with any real expectation. Perhaps that’s why I felt so confident and carefree. It never crossed my mind that they would actually reach out to me and request a contract. The moment they did, it opened up a world of possibilities, and I will forever be grateful for it. Today, I am fortunate to collaborate with renowned brands, a testament to the opportunities that stemmed from that initial breakthrough.”

Future plans

Looking ahead, Thavi Achharya has set her sights on an ambitious vision: to continue empowering brands and driving their return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) to unprecedented levels. Her unwavering commitment to maximizing results is poised to create a lasting impact on brand awareness and positioning in the digital realm.

In line with her client-centric approach, Thavi has recently introduced a groundbreaking consultation service. This unique offering aims to bridge the gaps in online advertising strategies for brands equipped with in-house teams or limited budgets. Through personalized one-on-one training and guidance, she helps these brands achieve remarkable returns and close the performance gap, enabling them to compete effectively in the digital landscape.

In addition, Thavi provides a distinctive service that involves setting up online advertising systems for a fixed period of 3 to 6 months. Following this initial setup, she seamlessly transitions the responsibility to the brand’s in-house team, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and processes to independently replicate successful campaigns. This strategic approach promotes self-sufficiency and ensures that brands are not reliant on external support in the long run.

At the core of her philosophy lies the unwavering focus on her clients’ benefit and digital well-being. Thavi firmly believes in complete transparency, fostering open and honest communication with her clients to enable their digital success. Unlike many marketers who might prioritize short-term gains, Thavi stands out as one of the few who shun the cash-cow mentality, refusing to keep her clients perpetually dependent on her services.

More from one on one with Thavi

Q: How do you ensure the success of your advertising campaigns in the ever-changing digital landscape?

Thavi:With digital channels and landscapes constantly changing and evolving, it is imperative for me to stay up-to-date in order to ensure the success of my advertising campaigns. Therefore, I am constantly monitoring the landscape and continuously reading from various online sources to stay informed about the latest developments.”

Q: How do you manage to balance your commitments to both your family and friends while dealing with limited time?

Thavi: “As someone who is deeply devoted to my family and friends, I often find myself pressed for time. However, I have come to understand that there will never be enough time to do everything, and thus life becomes a matter of prioritization. I live by this principle, where some days I prioritize work and other days I prioritize my personal life.”

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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