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From a Prior Salesman to Being The Founder of Anecdote Publishing House

Sagar Azad in Conversation With Entrepreneurs Today

Sagar Azad
Image: Sagar Azad

Entrepreneurs Today recently connected with Sagar Azad, the founder and owner of Anecdote Publishing House, a company dedicated to providing a platform for budding writers to see their dreams come true.

Sagar’s professional journey began when he arrived in Kota in 2011 with the aspiration of pursuing his education. However, faced with economic challenges, he initially worked as a salesman, selling Idea SIM cards.

Looking back, he says,

“It was too hectic to work in the scorching heat the whole day and to sell those SIM cards. One day, I met a guy with whom I shared my struggle and asked him if he could help me get a good job in any mall there. Fortunately, that guy respected my request and introduced me to the owner of Kota Crossword.”

Through his experiences at Crossword Kota, Sagar recognised the struggles of both students preparing for competitive exams and authors seeking support in promoting their books. Motivated by a desire to make a difference, he organised mega book launch events and author sessions at Crossword Kota, providing a platform for authors to directly connect with readers.

Driven by his vision to support aspiring writers and promote reading culture, Sagar founded Anecdote Publishing House. His goal is to establish Anecdote as one of the top publishing houses in the country, ensuring that every writer connected to the company feels valued and supported.

Through his dedication and passion, Sagar Azad aims to not only inspire budding writers but also foster a love for reading among future generations. Today, as Sagar himself asserts,

“The uniqueness or gravity of Anecdote lies within the reach of books. We provide as many platforms to the budding writers as possible. We organise their events in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and book clubs, so that they can go through one-to-one interaction with readers and their titles can gain recognition among them. Our goal is to give them respect, make their books reach as many hands as possible, and to make them feel satisfied.”

Challenges Faced

Sagar faced significant challenges during the establishment of his venture. Among these obstacles was a lack of resources, including financial constraints, which hindered his ability to actualise his vision.

Additionally, Azad encountered difficulties due to insufficient support and a dearth of knowledge regarding traditional publishing practices. Without a supportive network or a deep understanding of the industry, navigating the complexities of the publishing world proved to be an arduous task for Azad.

To overcome the challenges, he says,

“My first requirement was a loyal team, and then money to bring my projection to the floor. As I gradually started walking on my path, I saw that God was there every time to help me and support me. I kept on moving, and he kept on supporting me. I have always lived by the fact that ‘every problem has a solution’, somewhere this fact too helped me a lot to keep going, and I kept on moving by overcoming them one by one.”

Major Milestones

Considering the noteworthy work he has done in the industry, he has achieved numerous achievements so far. Some of his achievements are:

  • Recognised as the Founder of Champ Readers Pvt. Ltd., Azad received an honor from the district administration for his year-long contribution to community engagement through reading promotion. The award was presented by Urban Development Minister Shri Shanti Dhariwal Ji and District Collector Kota Shri Muktanand Agarwal Ji.
  • Azad was awarded the Rajdhani Gaurav Award in the Best Organization Category for the 2019-20 period. This recognition was for his significant contribution to community engagement through reading and writing promotion across India. The award was presented by Shri Ravi Kalra Ji (Karma Yogi), Founder & President of The Earth Saviours Foundation, at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.
  • Honored with the Achievers Icon Awards 2020 in the category of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Azad was acknowledged for his efforts in promoting budding authors in India.
  • Azad received the Young Achievers’ Award 2021 as the founder of Champ Readers Pvt. Ltd. This recognition was for his outstanding professional achievement and contribution to nation-building.
  • Azad was honored with the Rajdhani Gaurav Award Season 2 for his year-long contribution to community engagement through reading and writing promotion across India. The award was presented by Bollywood actor, lyricist, and singer Veer Dahiya & MTV Love School Fame Aviral Gupta at Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium, New Delhi.
  • Recognised as the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” with the “Icons of Asia” Award, Azad was acknowledged for his contributions as a startup in promoting reading and writing culture and supporting budding writers in India and abroad.
  • Azad received the prestigious “Pride of Nation Award” for the year 2023 in the category of “Best Startup in the Literature and Book Publishing Industry”. Presented by Mr. Masahito Nakaishi and Ms. Masumi Maeno of Glencal Scenary Co. Ltd. of Japan, this award acknowledged Azad’s significant impact on literature in India and his efforts in connecting readers and writers globally.

Plans Ahead

Sagar’s future plans for Anecdote Publishing House focus on providing a platform for budding writers to realise their dreams and reaching a broader audience with their content. He aims to establish Anecdote as a leading publishing house in the country. He expresses,

“As an owner of Anecdote Publishing House, my vision is to establish Anecdote as one of the topmost publishing houses in my country and to inculcate the feeling of reading books among the generation. Moreover, I also want to satisfy every writer connected to Anecdote, which is our prime motto.”

Lessons Learned

Sagar’s journey to success imparted several crucial lessons. He discovered that fixating on the end goal, rather than dwelling on potential obstacles, is most important. Through personal sacrifice and unwavering persistence, Sagar realised that the magnitude of one’s ambitions correlates directly with the level of sacrifice required. He notes,

“Sacrifice never goes in vain. If you are trying to achieve something by putting your entire energy into it, one day you will get success.”

Interviewer: Before we sign off, is there a message that you would like to convey to emerging entrepreneurs?

Sagar: Yes, I want to remind the budding entrepreneurs that once you decide, you should never look at your back and should try to achieve your goal by going beyond your human potential. If you are determined to achieve something, you will definitely achieve it.

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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