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CarDekho: Navigating India’s Automotive Landscape

CarDekho, a product of ‘GirnarSoft,’ founded by Amit and Anurag Jain, is a comprehensive web app and website dedicated to all things automotive. It offers expert reviews, detailed specs, car prices, comparisons, images, and videos for a wide range of car brands and models in India.

In addition to vehicle listings, CarDekho facilitates buying and selling used cars. The platform also delivers industry insights, updates, car-related content, and layman’s explanations of car specifications.

The website features categories like new launches, upcoming vehicles, and used cars. CarDekho runs an e-store offering a variety of auto accessories, from stickers to car stereos.

The company also provides financial services such as instant car loans and car insurance in collaboration with BankBazaar.com and Berkshire Insurance. CarDekho hosts an automotive forum where experts answer user queries related to cars.

The inception

A shift from their previous jobs in their hometown prompted the Jain brothers to start their own venture. Opting for their expertise, they founded GirnarSoft, an IT outsourcing company.

Initially, they faced challenges while reaching out to potential clients via email and calls. After numerous attempts, they secured their first client, which served as a stepping stone. This modest project opened doors to more opportunities, enabling them to build references, expand their team, and gather funds for their next endeavor – the birth of CarDekho.

After its launch, CarDekho continued offering IT consultancy services to maintain a steady income flow. The company is committed to guiding consumers through the entire process to ensure their satisfaction.

Like many startups, CarDekho had a slow start, but once it gained momentum, the founders never looked back. Their success was evident in the numbers, signaling their triumph on a global scale.

Their USP

CarDekho.com offers innovative features for an immersive car exploration experience. These include a “Feel The Car” tool providing 360-degree views, sounds, and video explanations. Users can search and compare cars by various criteria and access live offers and promotions.

The platform features used car classifieds for selling and buying vehicles from individuals and dealers.

CarDekho.com also provides tech-enabled tools to OE manufacturers and dealers, including apps for lead management, sales performance tracking, call tracking, digital marketing support, a virtual showroom, and outsourced lead management processes to streamline the consumer journey from inquiry to sale.

Their growth

In January 2012, CarDekho served 3.4 crore unique visitors, marking the fourth year of its journey. By the end of 2012, it achieved its all-time high with 2.5 crore unique visitors in just one year, and recorded 1.7 lakh used car sales across India.

CarDekho launched its iOS app a month after the Android version, reaching 100,000 downloads in a month. In 2014, its web portal unique visitors doubled, and revenues tripled. With over 600 employees, CarDekho expanded to include portals like BikeDekho, PriceDekho, and MobileDekho.

The company actively collaborates with 4,000 new auto dealerships, 3,000 used car dealers, and numerous financial institutions and insurance companies to facilitate used car financing and insurance.

In January 2019, CarDekho launched Gaadi by CarDekho and opened 60 stores across India. However, as of September 10, 2021, CarDekho transitioned to a home inspection model for car purchases and closed over 20 stores due to this shift. The company’s decision is driven by the efficiency of this model in response to the post-coronavirus crisis business landscape.

Bottom line

CarDekho has encountered substantial challenges in a market traditionally dominated by new cars and offline, unorganized used car sellers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a silver lining for the used-car marketplace, as public health concerns drove demand for private vehicles.

Competing with CarDekho in the online marketplace for similar audiences are platforms like Droom, Quikr, OLX, Cars24, and Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

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Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
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