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Ankit Sachdev’s Health Tech Startup: Pioneering Holistic Healthcare through IoT Devices

Ankit Sachdev’s vision extends beyond addressing immediate healthcare needs. His goal is to build a comprehensive healthcare brand that caters to a broader spectrum of medical requirements. 

Entrepreneurs Today had the opportunity to connect with Ankit Sachdev and delve into his inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Ankit Sachdev is an accomplished electrical electronics engineer who ventured into the healthcare industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Ankit’s expertise lay in STEM education, where he played a pivotal role in curriculum development. However, his desire to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector, combined with his electronics background, led him to embark on a new journey.

Pioneering a Path to Holistic Healthcare

Recognizing the significant shortage of doctors in India, with only one doctor for every 1500 people, Ankit saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between medical professionals and patients using innovative technology. He co-founded Sensorize Solutions Private Limited, a healthcare brand committed to improving accessibility and early diagnosis through the development of IoT devices.

Under Ankit’s leadership, Doori, a healthcare brand by Sensorize Solutions Pvt Ltd, introduced a groundbreaking product in the health tech sector. This advanced health monitor provides vital information such as heart rate, oxygen level, heart rate variability, and blood pressure. By leveraging the power of electronics and connectivity, the product aims to ensure that individuals receive basic healthcare monitoring, enabling early intervention and facilitating timely access to medical professionals.

The risks associated with the product are currently minimal due to its high accuracy of around 99%. However, as the product evolves and expands its features, there may be potential challenges associated with the development of new functionalities, such as incorporating blood sugar monitoring and mobile testing. Nonetheless, the overall impact of the product on the medical industry is considered highly beneficial.

Ankit Sachdev’s Quest for Innovative Solutions

Ankit Sachdev was inspired by several factors that fueled his passion for healthcare innovation. One of the primary motivators was the observation of existing variables in the market, such as the Fitbit and MI  bands and devices like the Apple Watch. However, Ankit identified a significant gap between these products and their accuracy in measuring vital health parameters. While they could provide data on variables like heart rate and oxygen levels, the challenge lay in ensuring that individuals could rely on this data for diagnosis by healthcare professionals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ankit recognized the critical importance of measuring oxygen levels and identified the oximeter as a reliable instrument in the medical field. Leveraging this technology, Ankit and his team developed their proprietary algorithm to measure blood pressure accurately. Their goal was to bridge the gap in blood pressure monitoring, as this condition was responsible for a significant number of deaths in India each year

Driven by the desire to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes, Ankit focused on non-invasive methods of measuring essential health parameters. With the success of their health monitor, Ankit and his team are now actively working on incorporating blood glucose monitoring into their product. This next step in development aims to provide individuals with a convenient and non-invasive means of tracking their blood glucose levels.

Ankit Sachdev’s inspiration stems from the opportunity to make a tangible impact on people’s lives through innovative healthcare solutions. By addressing critical health issues and leveraging advanced technology, Ankit and his team strive to empower individuals to proactively manage their health while ensuring accurate and accessible data for medical professionals.

Services Provided

They offer a range of services centered around their health monitoring device and accompanying application. Here are the key services they provide:

Health Monitoring Device: They developed an IoT-based health monitor that tracks vital health parameters such as heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature, and blood pressure. The device provides accurate measurements and acts as the primary source of data for the services offered.

Mobile Application: They offer a user-friendly mobile application available for both iOS and Android platforms. The application serves as the interface for users to connect their health monitor devices and access various features.

Data Analysis and Algorithms: The application utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze the data collected from the health monitor device. These algorithms interpret vital health measurements and provide insights into the user’s health status. The application categorizes the data into different health ranges, ranging from very unhealthy to very healthy.

Health Tips and Recommendations: Based on the analysis of vital health data, the application offers personalized health tips and recommendations. These suggestions may include dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and exercise routines tailored to the user’s specific needs and health goals.

Heart Health Score: The application provides users with a heart health score, which serves as an indicator of their overall cardiovascular health. This score helps individuals track their progress and monitor improvements over time.

Health Coins and Community: They created a community within the application, where users can earn health coins based on their engagement and adherence to healthy practices. These health coins can be redeemed for rewards and incentives. Users can also compete with others on a leaderboard, encouraging a sense of community and motivation towards better health.

Challenges Faced and Achievements So Far

The challenges faced during the development of their product included limited initial team members, networking difficulties in finding co-founders and collaborators, and the complex task of procuring electronic components from China. Having to handle these tasks without sufficient support and guidance impacted the development timeline and opportunities for further progress.

The brand has achieved significant milestones, including developing a product with a 99% accuracy rate and receiving outstanding leadership awards from organizations like Health 2.0. They have also been recognized with a Healthcare Startup Award from Startup Mahakumbh and acknowledged as one of the Best Healthtech Startup. These achievements highlight their successful product development and their impact on the healthcare and technology sectors.

Future Plans and Lessons Learned

Their future plans include expanding their team and transforming into a global startup company. They aim to add new features and products to their catalog, focusing on understanding the muscles of the body, analyzing dietary habits, and incorporating a holistic approach to health monitoring.

Ankit Sachdev has learned valuable lessons throughout his journey. Firstly, he emphasizes the importance of perseverance and not giving up on ideas, even in the absence of immediate solutions, as the right solution may emerge unexpectedly. Secondly, when building a team, it is crucial to not only focus on successfully assembling a team but also ensure that the team members are the right individuals who can genuinely contribute and support the venture. Lastly, he stresses the significance of seeking out mentors and actively listening to their insights and advice, particularly those who have expertise in the healthcare or startup space, as they can provide valuable guidance and perspective.

Snigdha Basu
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