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Pockets13 – Designing functional pockets: Why this Kerala-based business visionary and women activist is so fast on reimagining women’s clothing

The pockets13 on ladies' pants have chauvinist beginnings. Yet, business person, Jayalakshmi Ranjith is empowering a base-up change in style by planning garments the manner in which ladies need: sans the standard business sizes and with utilitarian pockets.

Pockets13 – For quite a long time, men’s garments were intended to be useful, with pockets having a particular reason and use. Notwithstanding, with regards to ladies’ clothing, pockets share a confounded history as their plans tread lightly around design sensibilities.

Jayalakshmi Ranjith

The historical backdrop of pockets traces all the way back to the seventeenth century when they were remembered for underpants as a “tie-on”. In the twentieth century, as working ladies started brandishing pants, ladies’ style began loving thin ladies and this prompted extremely little or non-existent pockets – showing that the idea of pockets has misogynist beginnings.

In any case, Jayalakshmi Ranjith from Trichur, Kerala is set on changing the state of affairs with her endeavor – Pockets13.

A rural designer and specialized trained professional, Jayalakshmi quit her place of employment to have some time off in February 2020. Then, at that point, the COVID-19 flare-up and resulting lockdowns filled in as the right push to begin Pockets13, an Instagram-based independent venture that has practical experience in planning redid ladies’ clothing with “utilitarian pockets”. The business visionary stresses the word ‘useful’ “in light of the fact that ladies’ pockets have been one major joke for a really long time now.”

Jayalakshmi herself is dumping pants and jeans intended for ladies. “I purchased pants of my size from the men’s segment, and when I wore it and put my telephone in the back pocket, it totally slid in and I am not used to that. I don’t track down a particular justification for why ladies’ outfits ought not to have utilitarian pockets. They are either artificial pockets or barely enough to keep coins. That is simply not reasonable,” she tells

The beginning

Jayalakshmi had consistently been specific with regards to what she really wanted in her garments and made a point to disclose everything exhaustively to her designer, much to her mom’s irritation.

“Since I was six or seven years of age, I generally requested various types of customizations and my mother would think that it is irritating as it required some investment. Throughout some time, my designer aunt and I fostered an affinity and she figured that at whatever point I made an arrangement, she would save additional time for me to choose things together,” she says.

As she moved urban areas for higher investigations and to get a new line of work, she graduated to different designers yet at the same time planned her own garments, with attention on pockets. Her companions and partners paid heed and started inquiring as to whether she could plan comparable outfits for them.

With abundant time in the midst of the beginning of the pandemic, Jayalakshmi ventured out to begin Pockets13 on June 13, 2020, starting for certain sourced textures.

Jayalakshmi in Pockets13 dresses

All sizes are standard

Bootstrapped with her reserve funds up until this point, the brand’s key center is solace, accommodation, and decision.

The took attire is additionally made liberated from standard size marks like little, medium, or huge, and everything is redone. “I have by and by heard companions and partners say that specific plans look delightful yet I am an XL or XS and will not get such plans. As an exceptionally firm women’s activist, I think that it is very disheartening. At the point when they are open to introducing themselves in specific plans, for what reason aren’t they given that choice?” she says.

Working with a neighborhood tailor, clients can look over plan formats, demand any customizations they need, send an essential estimation of bust, hip, and length, and if conceivable, an example picture. The designer then, at that point, starts work and has the request conveyed within half a month.

“We don’t ask them what size they wear,” she says, adding, “I had a designer who engaged all that I needed in my garments and that is something I am attempting to do.” The brand just uses cotton texture and guarantees bundling is eco-accommodating.

India is the 6th biggest ladies’ clothing market on the planet where the homegrown market deals from ladies’ style represented more than Rs 1,313 billion out of 2018, as per Statista. Pockets13 is handling the market as an option in contrast to different worldwide and homegrown business marks that keep on playing by the design business’ standard with regards to ladies’ pockets.

This has additionally helped assemble a local area of sorts where the ladies are just appreciative for useful pockets. As a one-lady armed force working all the while as a web-based media advertiser, bookkeeper, and chipping away at plans, the coordinations limitations have been a test however she says straightforwardness in correspondence with clients is vital.

“On the off chance that you wanted to venture out today, all you wanted is a telephone and likely your card to finish anything – basically in metros. You really have the choice of going without hands on the off chance that you have pockets.” Jayalakshmi’s objective is just to empower that.

Pushing forward, she intends to construct an all-ladies group to guarantee work for ladies as the business grows.

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