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Khushi Mehra:  The One Behind Innovation and Purpose-Driven Marketing at TTP Entreprises

The team of Entrepreneurs Today recently had a chat with Khushi Mehra, the co-founder of TTP Enterprises, a digital marketing agency with a strong presence in Delhi and Chennai, to explore what it’s like in the industry and what it takes to gain a solid foothold against the other players in the market. 

About TTP Enterprises

Established nearly two years ago, TTP Enterprises specializes in end-to-end digital marketing solutions, offering services such as social media management, graphic design, video editing, performance marketing, website development, branding, packaging, and much more.

With a client portfolio spanning diverse industries like Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Social Services, TTP Enterprises has rapidly grown from a humble start with two employees to a thriving team of 24 young professionals, efficiently handling various departments and services. 

Getting started

With no prior background in creative fields, Khushi discovered her interest in digital platforms and marketing during college. The catalyst for starting TTP Enterprises came during the COVID-19 pandemic when the world went online, and Khushi found herself exploring digital platforms for projects and campaigns. Realizing the challenges of finding designers for her previous clothing and lifestyle brand, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Starting in 2021, TTP began as a plan to scale up and assist other businesses facing similar challenges. The initial focus was on helping small businesses and brands with design-related issues. Over time, TTP’s scope expanded to serve both small and large brands with purpose-driven marketing campaigns. 

Why work with TTP Enterprises?

One key factor setting TTP Enterprises apart is the commitment to offering a holistic marketing approach. Unlike many agencies that specialize in specific services, TTP provides end-to-end solutions, covering everything from branding and packaging to production, content writing, SEO, website development, and UGC creation—all handled in-house. Moreover, she says,

“We are a team of young minds. Considering the rapid growth in the use of platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, having a team of young minds is advantageous, as people are typically drawn to organic and Gen Z content. This dynamic helps us stay in tune with evolving trends, and we constantly learn from one another.”

Interviewer: Is there a specific process that helps you stay open to inspiration?

Khushi: “It’s a never-ending journey, and if you want to be constantly learning, you have to understand that it’s not a nine-to-five job. You never know where creativity will strike; you always have to keep your eyes and ears open. Something as small as a billboard, or something in nature, or something you come across on YouTube, or read on LinkedIn, or see in a meme, or an influencer’s post—these can be anything that inspires you.”

Interviewer: How do you keep up with the trends?

Khushi: “I think you always have to keep an eye out for trends—something that is relevant to your brand. This is a mistake that a lot of marketing agencies make; they try to follow trends that are not even relevant to the brand. That’s where the brand loses its power and purpose. So, what we try to do is only cater to trends that have a direct relation or match the purpose and vision of our brand. That’s how we strive to stay relevant.”

Working with the clients

Khushi outlines a meticulous process for selecting clients at TTP Enterprises. The decision-making involves a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, compatibility with TTP’s vision, and the potential for digital evolution. When considering clients, TTP engages in multiple rounds of discussions and meetings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s objectives.

TTP expresses a willingness to collaborate with both established brands seeking a digital presence and projects starting from scratch. For established brands, TTP evaluates the feasibility of translating offline success into a thriving digital space. 

The agency particularly enjoys taking on projects from the ground up, relishing the creative freedom that comes with crafting a brand identity, including branding, packaging, and logo design.

Khushi notes that while they have experience working with century-old brands in industries like jewelry and oil, the preference leans toward newer projects. This aligns with TTP’s team of young professionals who aim to leave a distinctive imprint on the traditional marketing industry.

Navigating challenges

Khushi candidly discusses the challenges faced by TTP Enterprises with the team at Entrepreneurs Today, highlighting the generational gap when working with established clients in traditional industries. She reveals,

“As a team predominantly under 25, conveying a vision and approach to clients who are older and potentially more resistant to adapting to new marketing trends posed a significant challenge. Convincing them to embrace flexibility and evolution in the marketing landscape required time and effort.”

Another challenge mentioned is the difficulty of finding the right talent. Initially seeking experienced individuals from marketing backgrounds, Khushi and her co-founder later shifted their approach to focus on developing talent in-house, as they realised that finding the right people who can evolve into talent is more critical than seeking pre-existing expertise.

Celebrating feats

Khushi reflects on significant achievements both at a personal and professional level for TTP Enterprises. The journey from a team of two to building a thriving community is a notable milestone. 

She further asserts,

“Another milestone is retaining some of our oldest clients who have been with us from day one. Their continued partnership indicates that we are doing something right. The validation we receive from clients who stick around for over six months or a year creates a family-like feeling, establishing us as an extension to their in-house marketing teams.”

In terms of their client portfolio, TTP Enterprises has worked with prominent figures like cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and collaborated on campaigns with well-known brands such as Royal Enfield and Nokia. 

Additionally, their experience extends to partnering with legacy brands like Symetree, whose history spans 200 years, and Kalash Oils, which has been in the industry for the last 50+ years. Moreover, despite being based in India, TTP Enterprises has successfully acquired clients internationally, with a presence in Dubai and Germany. 

Future plans

Speaking of their plans ahead, Khushi notes,

“We definitely want to explore other parts of marketing. Currently, we are involved in digital marketing, content writing, website design, etc. However, we also aim to venture into the advertising space, testing our capabilities there.”

TTP also has plans to expand its team further. The goal is to extend their footprint beyond Delhi and Chennai to conquer more cities and countries. Another noteworthy aspect of their plans for 2024 is a focus on executing more purpose-driven marketing campaigns for brands. 

Key takeaways

Highlighting that marketing operates beyond a nine-to-five schedule, she emphasizes the need for constant vigilance in the industry. She explains, 

“Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it doesn’t matter; it comes with no holidays. Marketing is an ongoing process. People working in other industries may not get offers on Saturdays, Sundays, or even during festivals like Diwali or Holi. For us, it’s always about posting the right things at the right time, picking up on the right marketing breakthroughs or seizing the right incidents happening around us, whether it’s the World Cup, IPL, festivals, or any moment marketing opportunities. Therefore, you always need to have your eyes out and your mind on high alert.”

For those who may not have a degree in marketing, Khushi says, 

“Even if you want to enter digital marketing, you don’t have to come from a marketing or creative background. You just need to work towards it and take a few courses to gain an idea about the market around us and the clients. You can join this industry at any age, as Instagram and people on Instagram are the biggest proof of that.”

Lastly, as she signs off, she asserts,

“The most important thing we’ve learned is that it’s okay to disagree with your clients. You don’t need to have the same ideas and mindset as them because the reason they hired you is that you can bring your own perspective forward and disrupt the existing marketing game.”

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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