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Jatin Malik’s Journey of Building an Ecosystem and the Biggest Fashion House in India

Entrepreneurs Today in Conversation With Jatin Malik

Jatin Malik
Image: Jatin Malik

“When I first started this business, I never focused on money as my main motivation, it has always been a by-product.”

In a candid conversation with the Entrepreneurs Today team, Jatin Malik talks about his journey as an entrepreneur with a portfolio spanning three distinctive ventures and leading Jatin Malik Couture, a menswear couture brand.

Apart from the couture brand, Jatin is leading JM Unplugged, a podcast platform dedicated to thought-provoking discussions and storytelling. Jatin seeks to go beyond conventional narratives through JM Unplugged, offering authentic insights and perspectives on various topics.

Jatin also oversees In-House PR, a strategic public relations firm committed to amplifying brand visibility and reputation. With a tailored approach to each client, In-House PR under Jatin’s leadership ensures maximum impact and success in the competitive landscape.

Finding Inspiration

“I began from scratch in the guest bedroom of my Noida apartment, setting up a few racks and using Facebook ads and a page to invite people to my home around 2015-2016. In 2016, I officially resigned from my last job and dedicated myself full-time to this venture.”

Jatin’s journey began with a passion for design nurtured through creating clothes for friends and family during his school and college years. After completing his education, he turned his passion into a profession.

Since then, he has expanded his business from a single store in Defence Colony to 30-35 locations worldwide, including the Kala Ghoda store in Mumbai.

Interviewer: What do you believe makes your ventures stand out?

Jatin: “I’ve always prioritized delivering value to our clients, which I consider our USP.

At JMC, we provide value to the grooms because, initially, nobody was paying any attention to them. I have instilled this philosophy in all my brands, from JM Unplugged to In-House PR. The intent is always to find our signature. And money becomes the by-product. So that is our USP.”

This customer-centric ethos and value distinguish his business from others in the industry, contributing to its sustained success.

Navigating Challenges

Jatin’s distinctive storyline has consistently set him apart, pioneering menswear when it was uncommon, and even in his PR and podcast ventures, his unique approach makes it easy for people to connect with him.

However, Jatin did face the challenge of establishing trust as an outsider in the wedding couture industry, lacking prior experience or technical fashion background. Overcoming scepticism and building credibility required persistent effort and dedication.

His strategy of consistently delivering compelling collections, each comprising hundreds of pieces, helped to demonstrate value and credibility to clients. Additionally, Jatin’s focus on authentic storytelling resonated with audiences, further garnering trust in his brand and designs.

Achievements So Far

“For me, the longevity and general well-being of my people are the real indicators of my company’s success. I’ve always believed if your people are taken care of properly, they will take care of your businesses and that’s what my core has been about, my backbone of the businesses has been about, we are more than 200 people and with almost 0 attrition rate so that’s something I take a lot of pride in.”

With a focus on treating his team like family, many members have remained with the company for six to seven years, showcasing the longevity and dedication within the organization.

Additionally, his brand’s participation in Milan Fashion Week as an emerging designer highlights his international recognition and impact. Jatin’s ventures have also received extensive coverage in prestigious publications such as GQ, Khush Magazine, Vogue, Society Magazine, The Sunday Guardian, Hindustan Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Mint Lounge, and Grazia, suggesting his influence and reputation within the fashion landscape.

Jatin’s work has also garnered widespread recognition across diverse media outlets. From FashionWeekOnline to The Voice of Fashion, and from Brides Today India to Money Control India, his adventures have been featured prominently, showcasing his innovative approach and creative vision.

With coverage in publications such as Indian Express, Fashion Network, and HT City Newspaper, Jatin’s contributions to the fashion landscape have received extensive acclaim. Most recently, he was on the cover of Business Connect.

Plans Ahead

Looking ahead, Jatin’s vision extends beyond just launching individual brands. He aims to create an ecosystem where diverse businesses from various categories can converge. This year, he has introduced two new ventures: In-House PR, addressing the shortcomings he perceived in traditional PR agencies, and JM Unplugged, a project rooted in his personal journey with neuroscience, meditation, and manifestation.

While many motivational speakers touch upon these concepts, Jatin’s approach involves not just preaching but also demonstrating their practical application in daily life, with the aim of providing a tangible blueprint for his audience’s success without personal gain.

Interviewer: Is there anything exciting coming up on the fashion front?

Jatin: “Alongside our continued focus on fashion, I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio with the launch of two new brands—one for women’s wear and another for streetwear—along with a perfume brand.”

His passion for creativity also fuels plans for an art gallery, while his long-cherished dream of establishing his own fashion school reflects his belief in alternative paths to learning and experimentation in the fashion industry.

With anticipation, he expresses,

“Coming from a non-fashion background and launching my own fashion school is an irony in itself, but it is a beautiful irony. I want people and students to understand there are different ways to learn and experiment with fashion, not just the tried and tested ways.”

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on his journey, Jatin acknowledges the profound lessons learned from the initial struggle of building his brand, like the challenge of gaining trust and overcoming doubt. While he mentions that success will often garner newfound friendships from former sceptics, it’s important to move past this for an outcome independent of others.

As Jatin signs off, he emphasizes.

“It’s important to avoid comparison with others in the industry, and to understand that social media often showcases only the highlights while concealing failures.”

Lastly, he asserts,

“Instead, focus on authentically sharing your story, infusing it with your unique signature and style. Block out all external noises and concentrate on what truly resonates with you.

Success will naturally follow when you stay true to your vision.”

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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