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Dr. Taruna Verma – Happy Hypoxia Coronavirus Connection: Hits Youngsters Hard

Public: 14/05/2021 | Time 06:40 PM IST | Views: 1034113

India has been reeling under the second wave of coronavirus infection. This wave is impacting a slightly more number of younger people including teenagers and those in their 20s, 30s.

Dr. Taruna Verma (Physiotherapist), Assistant Professor, Galgotias University, Beware of Happy Hypoxia-Why is the Young generation is at high risk in this second wave of COVID- 19? And make people aware of the timely precautions to be taken and save lives.

In the second wave of Corona infection, Happy Hypoxia is playing a crucial role in causing deaths in the younger generation.

So,What exactly is Happy Hypoxia?

Hypoxia refers to a very low oxygen level in the blood. The normal oxygen saturation in the bloodstream of a healthy person is above 95 percent, but these cases could display a dangerous decline of as little as 40%. According to medical experts, “Most of the younger generation patients do not even realize that their oxygen level is going low, and they continue their normal activities without any intervention, because of their high immunity and general health. Suddenly the oxygen level drops down and the patient becomes unstable. This condition is known as “Happy Hypoxia” and it results in the progression of COVID, the oxygen levels in the blood can decline to as little as

40 percent and the patient would need immediate oxygen support and, in critical cases, ventilators as well, thereby causing even deaths.

“The second reason why younger people are hit by corona is that they have become laid back in following basic precautions of preventing COVID disease like wearing a mask, sanitizing hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, etc.

Corona is mild in 85% of people, moderate in 15%, and fatal in 2%. Since most of the youth have mild symptoms, there is a delay in getting them admitted to hospitals, this has also increased the number of deaths in them. It is very important to give alerts about the symptoms of different levels of the disease.

According to researchers and medical experts, This condition is seen in patients with mild symptoms or who are asymptomatic. They may not show symptoms of breathlessness but their SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation) levels are dangerously low. This can worsen the COVID symptoms and damage lungs severely.

Happy hypoxia occurs in all age groups but is more commonly seen in the young and middle-aged groups.

Some patients who are at home also display drastic drop of oxygen levels which is common in this condition. At least 10- percent of patients showing “Happy Hypoxia” will need critical care.

How to Identify Happy Hypoxia in people who are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms of COVID- 19?

As new symptoms of corona are coming out, it is necessary for patients getting moderate and critical information from the alert to be aware of the alert signal. Even while portraying only minor symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough, sore throat, fever, headaches, without any perceivable breathing difficulty, it is advised to continuously measure blood oxygen levels using a pulse oximeter. In Happy Hypoxia, the color of lips begins to change. It turns out to be light blue. The skin also begins to turn red/purple. Persistent sweating even when not performing arduous exercise routines or in a hot surrounding is yet another red signal for low blood oxygen levels.

 Keeping an eye out for these warning signs of happy hypoxia ensures prompt treatment in a hospital setting, thereby restoring lung capacity and normal breathing in the affected individual and helping them recover from COVID- 19.

How can you prevent this?

A pulse oximeter is key. Patients should regularly monitor the oxygen level in the blood. If you have the mildest of the symptoms also, like weakness, sore throat, body pain or you are asymptomatic but tested positive, then start monitoring your oxygen saturation for two weeks on daily basis to observe the fall in oxygen.

If they notice a drop in oxygen, they must contact their physician immediately and arrange for a bed before symptoms get worse.’’ And also get ready for an HRCT scan.

This would assist in immediately isolating and providing prompt medical care for people afflicted by the virus and significantly curbs the spread of COVID-19 among the community.

 Start the medication on time so that you prevent the progress of the disease and hospitalization.

Patients who are treated in time can recover fast without much lung damage in COVID.

COVID- 19 diseases can be treated well if you Act Smart on Time !

 Stay Home, Be Safe And Keep Diseases At Bay !!

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