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Cybersecurity Maverick: Sahil’s Trailblazing Journey from Hacking to Entrepreneurship

“I launched my business with a small website and a few social media accounts. Initially, I didn’t have any customers, but I didn’t give up. Eventually, I began to gain traction and attract my first few customers. From there, my business started to grow.”

Sahil Saini’s story is a testament to determination in the face of initial challenges. Starting with a modest website and a handful of social media accounts, he was undeterred by the absence of customers. Instead of succumbing to discouragement, Sahil doubled down on his efforts, pouring his energy into promoting his business.

Recognizing Sahil’s inspiring journey, Entrepreneurs Today reached out to him to delve deeper into his remarkable endeavor. 

Getting to know Sahil

With a profound passion for technology and innovation, Sahil’s journey started at a young age when he began exploring the intricacies of computer programming. His natural curiosity led him down an unconventional path, ultimately earning him the reputation of being a “troubled” pack leader of computer nerds during his time at Shikshantar School in Gurugram.

Diversifying success

Early on, Sahil’s hacking prowess became evident as he managed to breach networks by the age of 14. Undeterred by societal norms, he channeled his talents and pursued a path of ethical hacking, earning certifications like the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker and participating in Google Code-in. Sahil leveraged his expertise as a security consultant for renowned Fortune-ranked companies while also sharing his knowledge as an instructor, imparting lessons on Social Engineering to numerous students.

Sahil’s accomplishments extend beyond his consultancy work. He is a prolific writer, recognized for his contributions to prestigious publications such as The Hacker News and The Register. A sought-after speaker at security conferences nationwide, Sahil’s captivating talks have resonated with audiences, highlighting his deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape.

In 2021, Sahil’s book “School Hackers” hit the shelves, chronicling his early hacking endeavors and offering valuable insights into the realm of cybersecurity. Praised by critics for its ability to inspire young minds to pursue careers in this field, the book solidified Sahil’s status as a rising star in the cybersecurity domain.

Driven by his passion for technology and innovation, Sahil embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding CYBERSEC, a technology-driven cybersecurity company. With his vision and expertise, he played a pivotal role in establishing CYBERSEC’s presence in the market, bolstering its reputation as a trusted protector of businesses’ data and reputation. Sahil also reveals, 

“I have also been an advocate for promoting entrepreneurship and technological innovation. I have actively participated in various conferences, workshops, and events, sharing my insights and experiences to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs. My expertise in technology and business has made me a sought-after speaker in the startup community.”


CYBERSEC offers an extensive range of services, including risk assessment, penetration testing, security awareness training, incident response, and managed security services. With a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals, CYBERSEC stays ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape, providing businesses with affordable and scalable cybersecurity solutions.

The USP of Sahil’s cybersecurity business lies in his personalized approach, understanding his client’s needs, and tailoring services accordingly. With up-to-date knowledge of the latest threats, he helps clients stay ahead. Furthermore, his commitment to excellent customer service ensures client satisfaction through prompt support and going the extra mile.

Finding inspiration

“I was inspired to start my business because I saw the growing need for cybersecurity services. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses and individuals are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks. I wanted to help people protect their data and their businesses from these threats.”

Sahil found inspiration in his insatiable hunger for knowledge and his drive to make a positive impact in the field of cybersecurity. His journey began by immersing himself in a wide range of learning resources, devouring books, articles, and blogs, and enrolling in online courses. He dedicated himself to obtaining certifications in cybersecurity, ensuring he had a solid foundation in the field.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity, Sahil set out to develop his business plan. His vision was clear: to establish a cybersecurity consulting business that would assist organizations in assessing and mitigating their cybersecurity risks while providing training and education on best practices in the field.

To kickstart his business, Sahil tapped into his network of friends, family, and former colleagues, sharing his entrepreneurial aspirations and seeking potential clients. Additionally, he actively engaged with the cybersecurity community by attending industry events and networking with like-minded professionals, expanding his connections and learning from experienced individuals in the field. He added, 

“It took a few months, but I eventually started to get some clients. I worked hard to provide them with excellent service, and they started to refer me to their friends and colleagues. My business slowly started to grow, and I was able to hire a few employees.”

Navigating troubled waters

As a young entrepreneur, Sahil encountered several challenges during the process of building his business. These challenges included:

Without prior business experience, Sahil had to learn and acquire knowledge about entrepreneurship from scratch. He says,

“I overcame this challenge by reading books, articles, and blogs about entrepreneurship. I also attended workshops and seminars on business management.”

In addition, the cybersecurity industry is highly competitive, with numerous existing businesses. To stand out, Sahil had to differentiate himself. When asked about how he overcame the challenges, he revealed,

“I overcame this challenge by focusing on my strengths and by offering a personalized approach to cybersecurity.”

He also faced challenges in securing funding, but he overcame them by leveraging personal connections, approaching potential investors, and exploring alternative funding options. To address the marketing challenge, he actively participated in industry events, networked with cybersecurity professionals, and built a robust online presence to attract clients and increase brand visibility.

Celebrating feats

Sahil has achieved significant milestones in his career, including assisting businesses of all sizes in safeguarding their data and reputation from cyberattacks. He has garnered recognition through features in industry publications and websites and has received multiple awards and accolades for his work in cybersecurity. 

Additionally, he has built a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals committed to delivering excellent service. Sahil takes pride in his accomplishments and is confident in the continued growth and success of his business.

Another achievement for him was receiving a message from a customer expressing gratitude for his business’s assistance in protecting their data from a cyberattack. This experience validated his efforts, demonstrating that he was truly making a positive impact in the world. 

What holds in the future?

Looking ahead, Sahil has ambitious plans for the future of his cybersecurity business. His key future plans and goals include expanding his team with top cybersecurity professionals, offering new and innovative services to clients, and growing his business internationally to help businesses worldwide combat cyberattacks. 

To achieve these objectives, Sahil is dedicated to continuous learning and growth, investing in his business and team, and forming strategic partnerships with other businesses to make a larger impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

Words of wisdom

Through his journey as a young entrepreneur, Sahil has gained valuable insights. Some of the key lessons he has learned include: believing in oneself and fostering self-confidence, embracing failure as an opportunity for growth, maintaining persistence in the face of challenges, assembling a capable and supportive team, and practicing patience throughout the process of building a successful business.

Note to budding entrepreneurs from Sahil:

“If you have a brilliant idea, don’t hesitate to pursue it fearlessly. Be prepared to put in the hard work and dedicate long hours to your venture. Remember, it’s okay to seek assistance and guidance along the way. Stay persistent, never lose sight of your dreams, and know that you’re not alone. Many young entrepreneurs face similar challenges, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support. 

Lastly, remember to have fun on your journey. Enjoyment is key to staying motivated and committed to your business. Find ways to make your entrepreneurial path fulfilling, and success will follow suit.”

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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