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Anant Ladha’s Journey from Financial Literacy Advocate to India’s Digital Financial Guru

“My grandfather always told me that money is secondary and ethics comes first in life. So whenever we talk to our clients, our first focus is to help them.”

In an interview with Entrepreneurs Today, Anant Ladha, a finance virtuoso, glosses over his major takeaways and takes us through his entrepreneurial journey.

Since 2016, he’s reached over 750 million individuals across India, providing them with financial knowledge through free physical sessions and a YouTube channel, ‘Invest Aaj for Kal.‘ His approach and digital-first strategy ensured that even remote areas benefited from his teachings. A three-time Tedx Speaker, Anant is also the director of Nagrik Sahkari Bank.

Anant’s journey began with over 300 free physical sessions, catching the attention of the Rajasthan government and leading to a partnership for statewide financial literacy programs. Anant’s impact was recognized in 2020 with an award from the Rajasthan government.

Anant’s Entrepreneurial Journey

“The ethical values and commitment to societal betterment embodied by Sir Ratan Tata deeply influenced my journey.”

Stepping into a 35+ year family business in broking and mutual fund distribution, he initially expanded its physical reach across 18+ locations in Rajasthan and conducted free financial literacy sessions in 40+ areas. However, COVID-19 restrictions shifted his focus to YouTube, where he delved deeper into personal finance and stock market education.

His grandfather’s journey from starting with a family loan to achieving significant success after two decades of relentless effort serves as a beacon of dedication. From his father, Anant gained practical insights into the stock market, financial workings, and the fundamentals of business. Anant adds,

“My grandfather always used to tell me that in life, money is secondary; ethics come first. So, whenever we talk to our clients, our primary focus is to help them. Anant always says one thing: ‘You can find smarter and more intelligent people than me, but you can never find someone more caring.”

Challenges Faced

Anant Ladha’s transition from a lucrative job in Mumbai to starting his own business in 2016 was financially challenging. Despite his qualifications as a CA, CFA, CFP, and LL.B., his youth became a barrier as people often doubted his capabilities. His decision faced skepticism from peers who believed he was inexperienced and merely learning the ropes.

When he embarked on his YouTube journey, criticism and mockery from friends and close acquaintances weighed heavily on him. Negative comments and ridicule about his choices led to sleepless nights. Anant shares,

“Only one thing sustained me through all of this: consistency, hard work, and skill improvement.”

He further shared an important anecdote from his journey,

“In business, after nearly a year of dedicated effort, finally, in 2017, I encountered a significant opportunity. A company named IL was shutting down, leaving over 1000 employees with a final corpus of 50 lakhs or more. One day, an employee came to meet me with his wife in the hospital, realizing that he couldn’t use a single penny because all his money was locked in a traditional plan with a five-year lock-in period.”

Realizing the prevalence of mis-selling in the finance industry, Anant initiated free financial literacy sessions. Conducting these sessions for IL employees, a total of four, showcased his genuine concern for their financial well-being. His commitment to educating and assisting them led to a growing trust, eventually resulting in a flow of business from these employees.

Similarly, his YouTube endeavor encountered a year-long struggle without significant traction until 2020 when he received YouTube’s ‘Creator on the Rise’ award. This recognition marked a turning point, amplifying his digital presence. Remarkably, for the past 1480 days, Anant maintained unwavering consistency by uploading a minimum of one video daily on his channel, even during personal challenges or illness, illustrating his steadfast commitment to his craft.

Celebrating Feats

Anant’s partnership with the Rajasthan government led to over 300 sessions and recognition for his impactful contributions. His YouTube channel ‘Invest Aaj for Kal’ soared, accumulating 2.5 million subscribers and 500+ million views, claiming the title of India’s most-viewed stock market channel by 2022. While walking us through his other achievements, he reveals,

“My YouTube channel also boosted my brokerage business, resulting in over 6,000 mutual fund accounts and over 25,000+ stockbroking accounts being opened through me. In 2023, Cafe Mutual Funds recognised me as the highest SIP distributor in India.”

Anant’s entrepreneurial flair is evident in co-authoring a bestselling book and numerous appearances on prominent financial shows and publications, earning him a place in Forbes’ 2023 India’s top 100 digital stars.

Anant’s dedication to community impact shines through his commitment to free financial literacy sessions, bridging the gap in regions with low financial awareness. By the age of 29, Anant had received more than 20 esteemed awards like the national-level Swadesh Samaan in 2023, Start-Up India’s Certificate of Recognition during 2022-23, Cafe Mutual Fund’s SIP Champion in India in 2023, along with the Classplus Educator of the Year and the JCI Kamal Patra Award. 

His entrepreneurial spirit also shines through his bestselling book co-authored with his father, Pankaj Ladha, ‘13 Swing Trading Strategies,’ translating complex financial concepts into accessible resources. 

Anant’s expertise has landed him appearances on over 100 shows and features in prestigious publications like CNBC, BQ Prime, ET Now, Zee Business, and Money 9. Anant’s impactful journey and achievements have been highlighted in prominent Indian publications such as Outlook Money, Hindustan Times, NDTV, LiveMint, Times of India, BQ Prime, and Economic Times, solidifying his reputation in the financial sphere. Furthermore, his inclusion in Forbes’ 2023 India’s top 100 digital stars. He also received the Start-Up India’s Certificate of Recognition.

What Does the Future Hold?

Anant Ladha’s future plans revolve around expanding his social media outreach to a follower base exceeding 10 million, aiming to empower them for financial betterment. He highlights,

“I aim to assist over 20,000 families in managing their mutual funds. The primary avenue for reaching this goal is through referrals. By providing exceptional service to my current clients, I aim to leverage their support in connecting with new individuals.”

Similarly, by consistently adding value through his social media presence, Anant intends to organically grow his subscriber base and enlist their support in reaching a broader audience. His strategy is simple yet impactful: provide genuine value to people.

Note From Anant Ladha

One of the lessons he learned in his journey is that there is no substitute for hard work. The harder you work, the luckier you become. He also wants to remind everyone that in life’s journey, there are moments when choices must be made between various priorities., and he believes that family should always take precedence; otherwise, regrets may follow in the future. 

Anant signs off by reminding the rising entrepreneurs,

“Stay focused on personal growth, paying little attention to naysayers. Rest assured, success will draw many friends to your side. Success has a magnetic pull on people.”

Snigdha Basu
Snigdha Basu
A multifaceted writer, Snigdha Basu is a freelancer and a columnist at Entrepreneurs Today. She also spearheads Chic Life Edition - her own Digital Magazine with sustainable fashion, beauty, and culture at its core. Reach out to Snigdha at [email protected] for inquiries.
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